christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Finally here, but I've got to go now, bye! ;)

Just look what time it is (almost 1am).
I spent the day letting Daughter of Doom and friends use the computer, then when I took friends home DOD spent 2-1/2 more hours monopolizing the computer. So here I am ready to go to bed.

Dentist tomorrow again. I think they're gonna "take wax impressions" or something like that.

They better not charge me anything ~ I think the dental insurance for the year has run out. I'll check on that first thing when I go in, and if it has, well, it's after Jan 1, 2007 for me.

They know better than that ~ they know I haven't got any money, and have mentioned before about scheduling after the first of the year when the insurance money renews again. If they're not holding by that agreement, maybe it's because he needs more Xmas $$$ ~ ? ani laughing smiley

Yeah, like he'll get real rich on me. Ha.

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