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Sunday Sermon ~ Part 2

Post Inspired by My Probably Imaginary Impression of Kinky Friedman, Attitude Borrowed from George Carlin
(So how many readers am I going to offend today?)

Warning: Opinions expressed by eppylover the christine may be derivative of other sources, but have been filtered through her own dubious brain, and are hers alone and not representative of her readers.

If these words come across as cynical or even depressing to you,
well, that's not how she means them.
Just trying to pass along some of what I construe as reality, that's all, folks.

1975 Kinky Friedman & The Texas Jewboys concert poster
It's very possible, probable in fact, that my view of Kinky Friedman is entirely of my own invention. I prefer to stand by my possibly erroneous vision because it amuses me.

Actually, I deleted the Kinky Friedman portion of last week's post. I would never vote for him, nor for any asshole on any ballot. And every politician is an asshole. There are no exceptions.

Kinky Friedman on frequent occasion uses some of the worst language known to bigots, and archaic sick jokes that are not in the least bit funny. To my way of thinking, he does it on purpose, for effect only. He acts the Texas jerkoff deliberately to shock and offend people, to stir 'em up. I'm surprised anyone takes the Kinkmeister seriously.

To put it bluntly, the fact that a person of any intelligence takes any politician seriously is sad. Perhaps it's time to listen more closely to Carlin.

Whether you play the political farce game is not going to impact anything at all, at least not in the way you think it should.
To quote Carlin, "They call it the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it."

Politics is a put-on. When I try to tell people this, they just don't get it. Nobody gets it. People are too scared to get it. I understand how that can be, because the very nature of politics has been developed to manipulate our human survival instinct. Just like religion does.

Politicians feed on (among other things) people's concern for the future generations. I'm sorry, the future generations will go on, fine or otherwise, REGARDLESS of who we "vote" for. But, if it makes you feel better about it, if it makes you feel you made a difference in in the world in which our children will be forced to live, go ahead and play the game. Who's it gonna hurt? All it's gonna do is waste time and energy that could be spent, oh, masturbating. Which, come to think of it, is the same thing as going out and voting.

Politics and religion run on the same fuel: fear and worry. The goal is to gain power and control people by taking advantage of the general public's human anxieties. It's all farce, roleplay. We're just lucky that, in our particular country, the owners (bloated corporate business interests) have so far chosen to retain a working illusion of what was originally built in as "freedom" ~ and the PR has worked beautifully. I'm glad to live in a country contrived in this manner; makes it easier in so many ways.

But, in the top echelon, it's basically business as usual. Power and control. Rest assured, my dear people, that the owners are not going to screw up this "freedom" thing ~ it's been too valuable a concept since the beginning and it's paid off too well for them ~ however, they do find it necessary to create or allow some drama now and then to stir things up, make us grateful and beholden to them for "watching over us," make us wave the flag, perhaps reward them with a bit more authority at the expense of a bit more of our "constitutional rights." Not enough to get us too upset at them or unmask them for what they are.

The little people? Everyone underneath just keeps doing what everyone underneath has always done. You spend all your time and energy just trying to eke out a living, then die. Nobody has all the extra time or energy to pay close enough attention, to dig and analyze what the owners of this country are doing. Well, Carlin and his ilk have their day with it, but most people figure they're just comedians. Notice how any non-comedians espousing concerns and beliefs similar to Carlin's do not stay popular, cannot gain nationwide respect. Unless they capitulate to the owners, sell out... and then the cycle begins again.

To me, Kinky Friedman satirically embodies the entities that the naïve suckers voters unwittingly support. Except, what comes out of his mouth, basically, are not his beliefs or opinions. He only spouts whatever will offend, anger and annoy people. Deliberately. I don't think one word of anything he's ever said is what he believes himself. He goes home and laughs his ass off at the people he's leading around. People are nothing but cattle. Kinky is seeing if he can herd up a passel of 'em and send 'em off a cliff. Go Kinky.

To me, Kinky Friedman embodies the lying, the prejudice, the evil and stupidity of the politicians'/voters' quixotic ballet, and morphs it into a corn-holing barn dance. Nothing he ever says can possibly be construed as serious. Nobody should believe a word he says.

Just as nobody should believe a word ANY politician says.

I'll repeat: everything Kinky says is a lie, except when he's not lying, and then he will contradict himself on his own truths. I love it.

Perhaps it's just my own imagined assessment and analysis of who and what he is, but I personally prefer to look at him that way. The irony cracks me up. But nah, I wouldn't vote for him. I wouldn't vote for anyone.

Because I began learning the truth in high school.

I had an American Government teacher in 10th grade ~ I'll call him Mr. Harry. In his day, he was a very controversial person, and he's still living in this city. His hair has gone from black to white. The fact that nobody's offed him frankly surprises me, but he does keep a low enough profile. From time to time you can see him puttering around his front yard, speaking with anyone who wants a good conversation.

Anyway, in the 60's, our town was so suburban it was almost rural. In a larger city system, Mr. Harry would never have been able to sustain a teaching position ~ the powers that be would have been able to apply enough pressure to kick him out somehow. However, this town was small and weak, so the school board was in constant battle vs. the ACLU and various other factions to oust him from his teaching position. I was lucky enough to have been one of his students. Sometimes I think I'm the only one who learned what he was really trying to say.

Heaven knows he didn't give a crap if we properly learned what he was supposed to be teaching. One example I remember particularly well was a question on a test, "what is a congressional whip?" and my answer was, "that's for the masochistic members of congress." While he was grading the tests, he glanced up at me and chuckled. I got an A.

He wasn't always this way. In his youth, Mr. Harry wanted to be in politics, was a liberal Democrat and aspired to change things for the better. He was young and trusting, and he believed the rhetoric spread by his mentors. He spoke and debated well, he got to know everyone, and began rising higher in their ranks ... until the truth hit. You can NOT succeed to any degree in any politics without being funded and kissing ass. And to be funded, you must accept money from people who have lots of money. Raising enough money from "the little people"...? That's a fairy tale. Doesn't happen. The illusion of it happens, it has to, and it's necessary to perpetuate this illusion so the suckers will keep believing in them... but, the Big Money from the rich (in his case, so-called "liberals") is where the real funding came from. Don't let them fool you. If you're rich, you're not a liberal, because you want what every other rich person wants. To keep every penny, and, if possible, to acquire more.
you must be corrupt to be in politics

Long story short: Mr. Harry fought it, and lost. He went into teaching high school kids American Government ~ a master stroke, in my opinion, and probably the only way he could have any chance of planting a seed of truth in people at a much more gathering age. Maybe one of them would grow up and, by some miracle of manipulation, make a difference. Maybe not. Most likely not, but hey.

There is no real "we the people." This country is owned, as are all countries. Of course the Republicans are owned, but the Democrats are owned, even the Socialists and every Independent is owned. Everybody. There is no other way you can make it in any system. It's just a fact of life ~ not just in the US, but everywhere in the world.

To paraphrase the idea Mr. Harry tried to pass on to us:
"You are all going to grow up and have a NEED to believe what the politicians are telling you.

I don't expect any of you to remember the truth, but I'm laying it on you anyway: that to rise to the first rung of the political ladder, to be known by anyone well enough to get attention, you must sell out. You must lie. You must accept money and lie from the very beginning, or you don't survive. The people with the money make sure of that."

As for the so-called Michigan "race" ... I despise the vile gods of Amway/Quixtar/Alticor probably more than anyone (the early days of that monster took a lot of wind out of the sails of two of my four brothers who followed them with all the faith of puppydogs). DeVos/VanAndel are two of the biggest pricks to ever have been hatched from the bowels of the Xian cesspool, and their spawn are no better.

However, Granholm is just like all the rest. She has to be, or she wouldn't be where she is. Period.

If you want to play the "lesser of evils" game, go ahead. Couldn't hurt, I suppose. It's merely the degree of shit you're "voting" for. You end up being owned all the same. Some politicians just put on a better act than others.

There is no choice out there. I go with what Carlin says: When you don't vote, then you have every right to complain. I have every right to complain, because I didn't help vote-in the asshole who led you down the petal-strewn hershey highway to hell.

Here's how an election works: Big money provides us two or more pricks, some looking more "liberal" than others, and we jerk off the one of our choice.

What I like about the scumbag Kinky portrays (as I said, it's just an act, but that's all politics is anyway), is that he's the only one out there showing what lies underneath all the other scum.

And now my brain is exhausted from all this wasted time and effort writing this. Because nobody will get it.


So now the crazy lady had her say.
Please humor her, she's basically harmless.

This is why I prefer to concentrate my efforts on
1) Helping Stephy succeed in her dreams and survive, and
2) Putting Eppy up where he belongs in history.

Because everything else I can see in life is depressingly futile. Unless you're a billionaire and can call your own shots.

“The next time they give you all that civic bullshit about voting, keep in mind that Hitler was elected in a full, free democratic election” -GC

Here's a funny (to me) story that illustrates just how lightly I take "politics" ~~
A couple weeks back, a very affable and pleasant-looking man knocked on my door, nicely presenting his political agenda, and I was in a rare mood. Perhaps if he'd been one of those blond, blue-eyed aryan-looking bastards I would have no-thank-you'd him and shut the door as usual. However, he had a slightly darker complexion than this area's usual (mainly of Dutch or Polish extraction) candidates, and was a bit pudgy, comfortable-looking, with a certain character to his face.

He started giving me all this "I'm speaking for the people" business, and I listened because I liked his voice and face. Of course I wouldn't let him know anything about me or my beliefs (I don't enjoy confrontation, I'm a very slow talker and no good with people without a keyboard and a thesaurus ...and nobody ever "gets my drift" anyway).

When he mentioned putting signs in front yards (shy hint-hint) I offered my yard, and he was ecstatic. Especially since we live on a main corner, and I told him he could put one on each street side. He almost did a happy dance on my front porch.

I don't give a shit about his campaign or anyone's campaign.
Of course I'm not gonna tell him why I was so nice to him.
Only those who know me well enough will look at his name and guess the shallow truth.
His name is Kauffman.

Reverse discrimination. I am so bad. ani laughing smiley


Stephy seems to be following in her mother's anti-political whatever footsteps. Recently her school passed out homecoming queen/king ballots. There were 10-15 names available to vote on for each.

One last name was Colon. Another was Weener.
She voted on those two, since they seemed to fit together so well. Go Stephy!
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