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Sunday Sermon ~ Part 1 ~ Three vids & one LJ post

Click for script to the hilarious episode this quote comes from...

Thank you, douglain, for this first one!

" written in the Bible, every word of which is true. and we know every word is true because the Bible says that the Bible is true, and if you remember from earlier in this sentence EVERY WORD OF THE BIBLE IS TRUE. Now, are you following me here, or are you some kind of mindless zealot?"
"Maybe the Jew is right!"

CHUMBA the ape
a.k.a. Religion Makes You Dumb

Prayer is Superstition
I've always wondered how people can actually justify believing in the concept of "prayer"... well, how can you think something and figure that an invisible spirit can get your message? How the hell can an intelligent person believe that you can talk to someone in your mind, and the person or entity; i.e., "God," can hear it... After all, is there anyone has ever actually met him/it? I mean, someone who is in his right mind, that is?

As Carlin would say:
"What are you people, f*ing

Lastly, not so much on a religious angle,
but certainly a disturbing post, LOL ~~
Pika pika!

More of something different tomorrow... probably...
But still under a cut for religious (and political) reasons...
It'll still be Sunday, y'know.
Tags: stephen colbert, sunday sermon

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