christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Update: YouTube Eppyvid

EDIT: YouTube User "pazcheco" mentioned below has informed me that he is a male, not a female. Oops. non-ani blushing smiley

Friday the 13th has always been my lucky day. I have always been the opposite of normal. Need some good luck, Christine? Break a mirror.

Got a reply from pazcheco (subject of yesterday's post). She updated her video to include a comment in the description that the pics came from my archives ~ actually the images came to me from many sources, you guys and other friends included ~ then, she also linked to my LJ profile page. I did not ask for and didn't really want credit, but hey. Anything that will Brianize the masses is what we're here for. If looking at my userinfo page helps, then yay.
Sent: October 13, 2006, 05:26 AM
Subject: Hi! Christine!
Attached video:
Hi! I live in Brasília, federal capital from Brazil and I have 42 years old. YES! I take your 55/59 photos from your photobook, I love it your job: (that I snapped from my TV screen with my own digital camera!).
and the brian epstein's tribute go away - now I give an credit to your job on two films. Apologies to my poor english
So... I'll write back to her. Any suggestions as to what I should say, other than what I already did in my previous 2 little blurbs on her YouTube entries?

Hey, how's about everybody who watches these vids leaving a comment of some sort on each of them? Like just one word would be fine. If you don't like commenting there, please just click the highest ratings star and get Eppy up in the numbers. Thanks! :D

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