christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Pius X and Gefilte Jesus

Click for script to the hilarious episode this quote comes from...

You're lucky you didn't have to attend St Pius X school...
I was surrounded by them damn penguins every day.

What kind of a Catholic parish was this, anyhow? They didn't even have bingo at "Pope Pius" (which is what the Xian Reformed Dutch who monopolized our little town called the church/school)! ani laughing smiley

Their all-purpose punishment was called "Quaker Hour." If anything at all pissed them off, the whole class had to fold their hands on top of their desks, sit straight with both feet flat on the floor, and stare straight ahead at the blackboard for any period of time the teaching nun desired. Any student who moved his/her eyes off the blackboard or moved his/her body would get the ruler.

This may have been the beginning of my now enjoyable habit of living inside my head. It is indeed much nicer in there than on the "outside," once you brush aside the cobwebs.

The next part of my Sunday post started as a reply to a comment by neongoddess:
"You know, until you posted that "kosher" commercial, I had never known what "Gefilte" meant (although I have seen those emblems before). Now I know it's an actual type of fish. This LJ friendship has been quite educational for me..."
Thank you, sweetie! I think we're all being educated by our connection with each other, me included, definitely.
(And to think the only reason I started up in LiveJournal was to Eppify the masses, hahaaa.)

Every time I watch that "kosher" commercial it gets funnier, whew! Hahaaa.

Actually, the "gefilte fish" pic I printed above is a parody of the original "jesus fish."

Gefilte fish is actually the name of the recipe (see link) for the traditional Ashkenazi Jewish fish dish.
You may find that Wikipedia article (Gefilte fish) fascinating to read. The number of intricacies of the rules of Orthodox Judaism and other ancient religions (as compared to other more recent religions such as christianity), I think, are directly proportional to the age of the religion; that is, the routines, formalities and regulations get pickier and more prevalent as more hundreds (thousands) of years pass. The dictates invariably overlap and start contradicting each other.

Religion of all kinds is so strange and senseless, anyway. When analyzed by an objective eye (necessarily non-existent in a religious person, or it would blow holes in their "faith"), it becomes obvious that all scripture is directed toward control of people ~ so, over the years as society, common sense, and science advance, rules keep getting piled upon rules in their scheme to retain control.

The solution, of course is to keep pumping jesus at them: "Christ's sheep are too apt to wander from the fold, having their eye off the great Shepherd"-The Good Shepherd by George Whitefield (1714-1770) The plan has always been to keep feeding people's fear of offending god by keeping them busy with the rules ~~ keeps their minds off what's really real, so they don't go wandering away... and the big shots don't lose power. That's the name of the game.
~WikiHistory of the original emblem, as normally used by xians ~~
and see this~

I'm amused by the other parodies available ~~

Pop Quiz...
Knowing what you know now, why are we offended by ?

p.s. ~~Maybe I shall keep a Sunday watch on [ THIS BLOG ] from now on. ...

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