christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

...and the story spreads...

So far, this is the 4th British news site sent to me blaring out the so-called "scandal" now, publicizing the "documentary" on BBC5, according to Looks like the culprit making the big deal is none other than good ole Tony Barrow. The press are acting like Brian was the first or only manager doing this for his group. Hello! They've never heard of "groupies?" This brouhaha would be funny if it weren't so stupid. Must be a slow news week!!!

Back in those days, music groups were expected to pork everything female brought to them, and the manager (or consignee) was expected to provide the female porkees. Besides, being a young cool virile man meant never appearing sensitive to anyone's needs. If you were caught treating girls like anything but conquests, you were branded a sissy. Mark of death! It was a very different, macho, world. This crap happened since the beginnings of showbiz history.

And now, this news site is asking -- "If you’re a fab four love child, please let us know!  Contact us at"

Hahaa ... I hope several Tony Barrow love children make themselves known!


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