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Another Typical Morning With Stephy ~~ Breakfast Ninjas and the Dyslexic Jewish Robot

We haven't turned the heat on for the winter yet, and OMG, it was just too cold this morning. Stephy D.O.D. (Daughter of Doom) and I got up way too late for her to make the bus, so I drove her to school.

What she's learned this year: from her friend she's been coached in the teenage intricacies of begging for parental chauffeuring. My gasoline usage has skyrocketed. (Her friend's parents almost always refuse to drive her friend anywhere, even at night!!! That scares me... so sometimes I transport her places, too...) We can't afford the gas, but this is the first year she's had a small "gang" of friends (The Animé Gang?) okay, I'll drive her places once in awhile, but not every day.

As we approached the school, she spotted a small white icon on the back of a pickup's bed cover, and said,
      "Oh! That's a gravestone. At first I thought it was a ninja."

ME: Ohhh... kayyyy.

SJ (Stephy Jo): Y'know, white ninjas are the bad guys. Black ninjas are the good guys. There are red ninjas, but I don't know what they are.

ME: They're the ones that burst into flames.
SJ: But what about the blue ninjas?
ME: They turn into ice and freeze their enemies.
SJ: ...the orange ninjas?
ME: They prepare your juice. They're the Breakfast Ninjas.
SJ: (Yelling in a ninja voice) GOOD MORNING! HERE YOUR OMELET! WITH CHEESE!!!
By that time, we were in front of the school. She got out of the car, turned and shouted in a killer voice, "ENJOY!!! OMELET!!! WITH!!! CHEEEESE!!!" as several other schoolbound people turned and stared.
A bit earlier the TV had gotten us pepped up and going ~
the moment I turned it on, a commercial guy announced, "BEDROOMS! LIVINGROOMS!"
and we started marching around, doing our morning duties shouting,
There is a robot named "Chromedome" in an old fighting game for the SNES that shouts "gevalt!" every time you blow him up...and you can blow him up as many times in a row as you wish. Stephy always got a kick out of making him gevalt repeatedly and watching for my reaction while I'm trying to concentrate at my PC. I'd usually end up saying something like, "Fer gawds sake, girl, please leave that poor Jewish robot alone!"

And Stephy would go: gigglegigglegiggle,
while it kept going: *boom*gevalt!*boom*gevalt!*boom*gevalt!
BTW, prior to noticing the white (ninja) gravestone, Stephy treated me to her imitation of a dyslexic Jewish robot singing
"Old McDonald had a farm,
E-O-I-O-E ...

Time for another cuppa coffee.

And another great classic.
"The Arrogant Worms have become part of Canadiana. Their songs are used in lesson plans across the country and one has even made it into an English textbook. Their song “Dangerous” was played aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour for astronaut and fan Chris Hadfield. The youth of Canada have voted them the most popular band on a national radio show. The band that came in second was AC/DC.

The Arrogant Worms were recognized in 2003 as the Touring Act of the Year by the Canadian Arts Presenters Association. However, their biggest honour came in 2005 though when they read in the New York Times that Carrie Fisher and Meg Ryan were singing along with the Worms on a driving trip in Newfoundland. Princess Leia!! And Sally!! That’s just crazy."
From Arrogant

A typical entry in their blog

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