christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

This was supposed to be yesterday's post.

I never got to actually entering this post yesterday...

I must have needed it. After getting Daughter of Doom off to school I slithered back into bed and zonked until almost 2pm. Didn't sleep worth poop last night, so that was nice. Sure don't do that very often!

It's my ex-husband Jim's 64th birthday today!
Yes, for more than 10 years now he's had another wife to need him and feed him.
The man who introduced me to agnosticism in 1970 is now a flamin' xian. ani googly eyes smiley Whatever floats yer boat, dude!

And... Eppy Chib!nipples...!
(and my cheesylame comment further down the page)
Chib!Brian fresh out of the bath wearing a towel.
Only on chibbeatles!
Now playing Wednesdays only

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