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Get Fuzzy
Get Fuzzy
Get Fuzzy

Comics today, just because I felt like it. The brain is out of it, and wants to sleep.
Didn't get much last night because I was thinking about the dentist appointment.
So, I had a lot of work done at the dentist's today, and I'm right knackered, wot.

Unless I open real wide and you look real close, my teeth look pretty normal. However!
All my teeth are due to fall out within the next 10-15 years because ~~ the previous dentists I've seen were awful, and I haven't been for several years. So, with the crazy way my jaw is misaligned due to the extreme amount of enamel and dentin I've ground off my teeth [ l'Ogre sez: "What do YOU have to be stressed about? Nothing!" ], and the amount of bone loss, the dentist says it would be a good idea if I was fitted with braces sometime next year, and have my teeth built up so my bite becomes normal again. Either that, or have caps put on ALL my teeth. (He recommends the braces, but it's my choice.)

I just sat there and started laughing at the prospect of a 55-year-old with braces.
It just goes to figure ~~ with my Eppy obsession and hanging out with all the LJ youngsters, I might as well have the braces like a teenager, too. Is there anything else I should do?

Speaking of braces, I really like that new show "Ugly Betty." It's strange that I ended up watching the whole hour premiere, because I just NEVER sit and watch a TV show, besides the very occasional "Family Guy," "American Dad" or "Robot Chicken." Sometimes other Adult Swim stuff when I can't sleep.

It's awful, but I meant to watch "The Monkees" last Friday night, but we (Stephy and two of her pals and I) went out on the town instead. (Curse me for being able to drive!)

I'm rambling now. Perhaps I should retire for the night. After all, we stayed up all night over the weekend. Stephy's friend Taye had never gone midnight grocery shopping before. Her family all keep regular hours, and would never allow such a thing. Am I a bad influence on teenagers or what?

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