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I'm not surprised...

Well, every longtime Eppy and/or Fabs aficianado already knows this happened for many years; and that many other celebrities, (especially musicians) did this practically from the beginning of time. But now they're once again going to make Brian the scapegoat. Of course it was wrong. But if you were Brian, what would you have done? It was just the way the game was played, and we know he felt awful about it.
We just can't win, can we?

New Beatles documentary will shock fans 
A British TV documentary will shock Beatles fans with claims the Fab Four fathered a string of children before they married, and that manager Brian Epstein paid off the mothers to keep them quiet after their brief affairs with the rockers. [more...]

I'm sure there will be more hurtful crap to come. I hope this "documentary" is kept within the UK, and the Americans are too savvy to go ga-ga over it. Although ... the popularity of "reality shows" and immature tawdry talk shows makes me seriously question any faith I might have once had re the intelligence of Statesiders ... indeed, humans in general.

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