christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Shabbat Shmooz ~ High Holy Days


A Breakfast Food Rabbi to
last you until sundown Sunday

The Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, was observed this year from sundown Fri Sept 22 to sundown Sat Sept 23.
rabbi breakfast
Errmmm... I don't think a
breakfast of traif will work...
In fact, this is just
wrong, wrong, wrong...

Let's try it this way!
Happy Jewish New Year!Happy Jewish New Year!
So get down wid da homies yo
and have a Happy Jewish New Year!


Yom Kippur Warning

BTW ~ A note for Monday, October 2,
Yom Kippur ~

It is not kosher to wish your Jewish friends a "Happy Yom Kippur."

Ironically, you will find websites with e-cards and such, with that very sentiment expressed.
...Excuse me?
Yom Kippur is The Day of Atonement, the day for reconciliation and compensation for your sins and wrongdoings ~ and is most definitely not a happy type of holiday.

Just to let y'all know before you stick your goyish foot in your mouth.

Have YOU ever wished someone a happy Yom Kippur?
*redfaced christine sheepishly raises her hand*
Okay, then [ HERE ] you can read an article illustrating the common well-meaning ignorance of the gentile on this most solemn of Jewish holidays.

Since the Jewish calendar is quite different from ours, Yom Kippur falls on a very different day each year.

It just so happened that it fell on September 19 in 1934, and Brian Epstein was born on that day.

His family always made such a big deal out of how solemn and important his day of birth was, and that made him feel just that much more unworthy, because he was given the impression that he couldn't live up to it.

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor

I usually don't do commercials! ...however!
I rate [ THIS ONE ] 5 stars!!!! YYYYY

I only wish I got paid for this! ;P

Enjoy, and g'nite!

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