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Piracy & Crediting, then Monkees & Beatles screen gems, etc.

Okay, so a friend is telling me about a guy getting all buttsprung about "his" pics that she posted on her blog. And she didn't print a "thank you" to him with it.

I'm talking about a simpleminded internet state of mind I could NEVER understand.

It turned out to be one image, and this friend did scan it herself from a book, she didn't take it from his site... but even if she had gotten it from somewhere else online, she didn't "steal" it.

You're "stealing" an image if you re-post it somewhere?

FACT: If someone puts an image ONLINE, it's free game for anyone. Whether you like it or not, that's the way it's happening these days, so deal with it. Unless you were the photographer, and/or you own the copyright to the photo, it's not your photo.

Uploading is comparable to putting something on a billboard, or mailing it to everyone, or some similar analogy.

And credit-whoring is just as bad. Sustaining a "credit" for an online image is a ridiculous concept. There are times when images go through so many hands and incarnations and sites, it would be unnatural to keep an "original" credit on a pic or icon, or anything, when it's on the internet. Personally, if I happen to recognize something as original art from someone I like, or something containing original modifications from someone I like, I'll try to interject a "credit." But I don't have to and it's actually a waste of time. Go call the Credit Police, why don'tcha, jerk.

If a person doesn't want something to end up being shared anonymously and spread all over the 'net, that person was a moron to upload it in the first place.

It's so stupidly simple:

Once you upload anything, it's not yours anymore, period.

*sigh* It's true that every generation seems to get dumber and dumber, even though in other ways they (seem to) get smarter.
Whenever I post pics, especially ones older than 10 years, the only thing I tend to feel guilty about is the unfairness to the original photographer, the one who did all the work... and the parties who hold copyrights and have a lot of money invested in the images. These unfortunate people never could have predicted something like the internet. I know they never dreamed people would be able to scan their books and products, then distribute them for free in mass quantities, to be sucked up by millions of computers. For free. Ungodly numbers of faceless people ~ who should have been customers ~ can now print out and keep these exclusive properties. For free.

On second thought, I shouldn't feel guilty at all, actually. It's the wave of the future. With every passing era, new technology screws somebody. What's happening is, everyone will eventually have access to everything ~ and if the government starts messing with the internet, that would be a totally repressive move, and, in my opinion, stomping on our rights and freedoms. It wouldn't work in the long run, anyway; we'd find ways of getting around it. Look what happened with music sharing. Boning Napster didn't totally work, did it? We've still got our music sharing places such as onlyprediction and beatlefiles, etc. etc. ...and that's just counting what's on LiveJournal. Neil Aspinall 2006shirtless neil

It's not just the music industry that's being forced to change with the times. The internet world community has changed our very fabric of life. So now, it's a matter of trying to figure out ways to use the new tech in your favor instead of banging your head against a brick wall by issuing cease & desist orders and suing the relatively few "pirates" you can catch up with.

Neil Aspinall knows what's going on. Even though there's a world full of lowgrade Beatles bootleg materials, Neil has locked up and keeps control over the first generation pure Beatles recordings. I think it's what Brian would have wanted. Eppy was always wary of oversaturating the market. Keep the people hungry for more. This is one of the reasons why the public has never lost interest in his Boys. You never know if there's a surprise coming.

Hey Hey, Look At This!
I'm printing this sucker out
and keeping it in front of my TV!

Beatle Cartoon Vids

Check out this YouTube member "Adriana1974" ~~ amongst her offerings: so many of the old Beatles U.S. cartoons ~ I wouldn't be surprised if they are ALL here. See 'em before "somebody" makes them take these offline, too!

While we're on the subject.
OH LORDY. This is priceless.

Finally... when you go to click on each year to find all of the TV and film that Brian's Boys ever appeared on from 1962-1969, even the minor ones. I loved looking through these!

Cilla Black with the manager she called 'gorgeous'
Cilla Black with the manager she called 'gorgeous'

I always thought the caption on the below picture was a hoot ~
after all, Dick VanDyke was merely working in the next studio lot over;
they were filming "Mary Poppins" at the same time as AHDN!
"Member of the Hard Day's Night Team" indeed!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

G'night, luvs!

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