christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Uncertainty! Insecurity! ...and Moral Orel

Disclaimer for Sundays
If you're a regular reader and a Christian
(or similarly afflicted with the mindset of any brand of religiousity),
you already know to avoid this journal on Sundays.
However, if you're
relatively new to me
~ welcome friend! ~
it's my hope that these random scribblings provide for you
a little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants.
In conclusion...
Depending upon your "faith"
be on your guard on Sundays.
The eppylover never wishes to offend,
yet she must have her day
to indulge in her own non-beliefs
and vent her frustrations.

People never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious convictions.
            ~ Blaise Pascal

Moral Orel Title ScreenThe Adult Swim stop-motion animated series Moral Orel (Part One of a good ep here) is more a novelty than anything... it could really be more cleverly done plot-wise and dialogue-wise... but it does have its moments ...and here's Part 2
This episode includes Stephy's favorite quote:
"Blood-blood, money-money, booze-booze-booze!"

There are more Moral Orel episodes uploaded by YouTube member mrbubblesort [ HERE ]. Enjoy.


This week's sermon is: basically the same schlock, slightly different wording.

Isaac Asimov was right...
"Inspect every piece of pseudoscience, such as Astrology or ESP [or "the afterlife" says the eppylover] and you will find a security blanket, a thumb to suck, a skirt to hold. What have we, science, to offer in exchange? Uncertainty! Insecurity!
            ~ Isaac Asimov

The eppylover says: Uncertainty and insecurity are reality, are life. Deal with it. Those who embrace pseudoscience or religion are showing us that they are unable to mentally handle real life. The "foundation" they claim to need is actually a crutch.

Those of us who can truly accept reality look upon pseudoscience, religion, and anything else unprovable as possibilities ~ not as concrete stuff to believe in and ~ ah pity da fools ~ base their lives upon.

And many times, of course, the unprovable things are fun to think about, to consider that they indeed might be true.

Who knows? If they are unprovable, it's just as much folly to disown the notions as it is to embrace them. And if any of those hard-assed religious "you're damned to hell if you don't believe in mine" claptraps turn out to be the truth... well, we're screwed, aren't we?

But which one is the real one? The one we grew up surrounded by (for most of us, christianity)? Or a religion on the other side of the world, embraced by even more people than christianity? Does the majority in a given area rule? Christianity is the big cheese in the western world, so they are the only real one as far as our area is concerned, and they are always right. Their little bible books say so. And books are never wrong when they're so ancient, and when the people who set themselves up as pastors tell them so. They have nothing else to fall back on, except their christian platitudes and clichés and justifications.

I have no problem with "believers" unless they insist that I should also "believe." As Carlin says, the eleventh commandment should be: "Thou shalt keep thy religion to thineself!"

I think I'll stick with Li'l Eppy. He's much more tangible than the so-called old bearded man in the sky ... even though the world isn't filled with ancient books hyping him up, and hordes of self-righteous people killing each other over him.

Mind if I prosletyze? ani wink smiley
I can do that via picspamming.

Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd.
            ~ Voltaire

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