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teenchristine brand fanfic = my dignity, lost forever on yellowed notebook paper

In the mid-60's there were no personal computers or word processors of any type available. Indeed, most regular middle-class families did not even own a simple typewriter ~ and, if they did, it was a manual Remington or Royal or the like (the model pictured here was very similar to the one I used in typing class). Electric typewriters, at least in my world, were very rare indeed ~ I don't think I'd ever heard of one during my teen years, although the research I just did today reveals that they were invented years earlier.

So, if you wrote stories, you used a pencil (or pen if you were foolhardy brave) on notebook paper. If you didn't want to look like a semi-literate imbecile to your readers*, you had a wastebasket next to you overflowing with discarded, overly crossed-out, erased and rewritten papers.

*At this juncture, I must comment that I cannot help but notice that today's amateur writers don't care if they do look like semi-literate imbeciles. Which is just one of the reasons why fanfic makes my teeth curl up. Sorry.

I say that to say this.

Recently while on a "treasure hunt" through the ancient ruins of my life, I unearthed an aberration from my high school days. I feel both highly amused and greatly humiliated at the same time.

A piece of teenchristine brand fanfic. Brimming over with immature adolescence, and a soupçon of infantile.

'A Fairy Tail'

I cringe to think a few other kids at school must have actually seen this thing. Augghhh.
*the eppylover blushes bright crimson and disappears behind the couch*
Tags: beatles, brian epstein, fanfic, teenchristine

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