christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Uh-oh. Bought something I shouldn't have. I was weak. (Don't cane me, sir!)

Oh dear. Christine was very naughty.
Christine put $25.00 on her credit card
to purchase this big 18x12 print:
Brian Epstein, under the iron bird

Christine must have this framed and hung over her bed.
Christine insists that her Brian always be well-hung when he's near her bed. At that, Brian shrieks, "I've been framed!" also has 20 pages of thumbnails of Beatles prints, some of which are pretty neat.

If I had a website, I'd put their banner on it and be "an affiliate"
... and get 80¢ for every $8.00 sale they made by someone clicking their banner.
I really like their stuff, even the non-Beatle stuff. Cool.

Well, guess I'd better post a few more pics to make this worth your time...

Just some screencaps from an unknown YouTube Vid ~~
The Beatles being interviewed on some German? TV show

The Beatles being interviewed on some German? TV show

The Beatles being interviewed on some German? TV show

The Beatles being interviewed on some German? TV show

Nicked from eBay: Is this a rare snapshot or what?

I had to run this one by y'all again. Yay Mister Noone!

Hows about a silly li'l ole icon?

The next few are especially for LL Lennonluver:

~ Coom'n get me, Eppy!


And of course...

Scan from the rare original 1964 UK hardcover A Cellarful of Noise

This scan was so popular but I wasn't satisfied with the way I couldn't see his face.
This is a little better. I can't get the darn lines out ~ guess that's as good as it gets.

Here's one of the "slightly different" shots I got from the library book.
They were in Paris when they heard they got their first U.S. #1 record.
Brian was so shocked he immediately shoved his nose into a tulip.

Very recently uploaded to Getty.
What is with those sunglasses?

No idea where I came up with this one; just found it on my hard drive (!!)
However, he is wearing mother's couch fabric, so indeed he is too suave for you.

The original "couch fabric" pose

Finally ~~
"Hands off, Eppy!!!"

OMG, I didn't expect this to turn into such a spam! Yikes. @_@
Tags: brian epstein, eagle

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