christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

One problem going away? Another problem coming up? Augh!

Well, as of this time of day, I feel a lot better. I felt so rotten earlier that I taught Stephy how to post on my LJ in case "something happened."

Maybe tomorrow I'll call the dentist's after-hours number and ask if they could try me on something else for an antibiotic ~ I only hope that whatever they put me on won't have the same effect ~ I am not so stupid as to think the infection is gone now after less than half the pills are gone. At the present time I am merely creating an army of bugs immune to Erythromycin that I can pass on to the public, so when they get sick and need antibiotics, Eryth. won't work for them.

I even had coffee and ate a slice of pizza. What a stupid choice of food, but that's what the girls were eating and what was readily available.

The girls = Stephy's had a friend over since Wed. night. and it's driving l'Ogre (and me, to a lesser extent) bonkers. She kept thinking of excuses the past couple days so she could stay another night, but I finally sent her home tonight. After all, school starts day after tomorrow. Augh. Where were her parents in all this, you say? Well, she said they were relieved to have her away and not fighting with her siblings.

It makes me feel bad in a way because her home life is not what it should be. Both her parents work and many times she is left without supervision. She's 16, and at that age should especially not be left alone for hours. Their so-called "parenting" method is wrong in my book.

The girls are trying to weasel next weekend at her house for Stephy now. I asked if a parent was going to be there at all times, but like most teens, they won't answer a question straight... well, Stephy USED to give me straight answers, until she got in with this girl. The catch is, she's a part of the only animé/videogame crowd that thinks in almost the same way Stephy does... so I'm not gonna ban her from them, or anything stupid like that.

I'm grateful that she hasn't (yet?) gotten angry at me for saying NO. She understands how the world is out there, but I'm afraid this very needy-acting girl is putting ideas in her head.

It's so complicated, and I feel so awful at times for saying NO to a lot of things that don't sit with me right, but what can I do?
l'Ogre eavesdropped a little when she was speaking with her mom on the phone, and it seemed to him that she was telling her mom what she was going to do, rather than asking if she could. Right there, I thought that was a bad sign, and hope that type of attitude doesn't rub off on Stephy, because she'll have a helluva time trying to TELL me what she's gonna do!!!

OMFG. Is my baby turning into a stereotypical teenager?

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