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Sam Leach will be nearby... kinda.

August 23
Below: The wedding, as drawn by Cyn.
Click for larger image.

John & Cynthia's wedding, as drawn by Cyn1961 ~
John Lennon and Cynthia Powell (pregnant with their child) get married in a 5 minute civil ceremony at Mount Pleasant Registry Office in Liverpool. George Harrison, Paul McCartney, Brian Epstein and Tony Powell attend.
(There is no public announcement and no formal wedding.)

1964 ~ The Beatles play the Hollywood Bowl for the first time. A reserved seat ticket cost $5.50. Bob Eubanks, who later hosted The Newlywed Game, was the promoter.
•Sid Bernstein: "The biggest gross in the history of show business was achieved by the Beatles-$304,000. If I wanted to charge higher prices, we could have done a million dollar gate...I charged $4.00, $4.50, and $5.00."

1968 ~ Cynthia Lennon sues John Lennon for divorce.

Despite the fact that "the leatherclad Beatles" was never my fave stage of their career,
Mr. Sam Leach was a huge, huge part of that era... and he's a fantastically nice fella!

And... he's gonna be only 2-3 hours away from me on Sept 2, a week from Saturday... Sam Leach
Your information source for Northwest Indiana


Original Beatles promoter to visit Portage
PORTAGE: Liverpool's Sam Leach will recount his days with the band

PORTAGE | Sam Leach remembers stepping into a dingy, smelly nightclub 45 years ago like it was yesterday.

A rough-around-the-edges band was performing to an even rougher crowd.
"There was nothing as powerful as that sound that night. Even the gangs stopped fighting that night to hear them," said Leach, of Liverpool, England.
Sam's book
That band was The Beatles. Leach told them then they'd be as big as Elvis Presley. He was right.

Leach became the band's original promoter, signing them to nearly 50 concerts in the 18 months he represented the group.

"Their voices were fantastic. The sound just seemed to go through you," said Leach, who will be a special guest during the city's one-day Portage Music Fest on Saturday, Sept. 2.

Leach, while replaced by Brian Epstein as the band's promoter in 1963, remained close with the group. He's penned several books, including The Birth of the Beatles.

- - - - {{ Commence eppylover blathering }} - - - -
St Patrick's Day 1962
SAM LEACH at St Patrick's Day 1962 party celebrating his engagement to the lady standing next to him, Joan McEvoy (after many years they divorced but are still friends).

The other blonde lady in the picture, next to Paul, is Joan's sister, Vera Brown,
who had a hot time with Brian Epstein at that same all-night party. [christine is jealous]
The lady directly behind George is Joan and Vera's sister, Doreen.
Paul is holding the booted foot of Rory Storm, who was dead drunk but still insisted on being in the picture!

Brian at Sam and Joan's engagement party
At left: Brian at this same party ... during a rare moment away from Vera!

Wasn't Pete Best supposed to be so "cute" and "popular" that he had his pick?
If so, one wonders about his taste in, what the frick is that on her head??!!!

See more pics of this party, and other very early images, at
What's best about Sam's site are the written remembrances.

...and even more, rarer, pics of the early boys, with a lot more information, at
Start by clicking the year buttons at the top. This site is unreal! It celebrates the boys up until the time they became very famous.

In other words, even though there's not a whole lot of Brian, I am truly blown away!

Believe me, there are so many photos at this site that they had to be organized, sorted and re-sorted.
Most of the pics, even the medium-sized ones, are clickable into large images.

- - - - {{ Back to the article about Sam }} - - - -
Sam is making the trip to Portage as part of the performance of American English, a Chicago-based Beatles-impersonation band.

Being a part of the American English tour, he said, is deja vu.

"For those who have never seen American English, you are going to the see the Beatles live.
The first time I saw them was like that first night I saw the Beatles," said Leach, who will
introduce the band and then mingle with visitors to answer questions about his life with the
Beatles and his career in music promotion.
American English
"The world has never seen the Beatles like they were in those days and months," he said of his time spent with the band, adding American English's performance will bring them back as close to that time as anyone can get.

"I really love it. I really do. I like people to know what it is all about," said Leach about his trips to the United States. The Portage show will be the first of six American English performances he will attend. He'll spend a month on this side of the pond, returning to England on Oct. 2.

Leach, who was instrumental in promoting the Merseybeat sound in the 1960s, is also writing the screenplay for a film based on his life and times with the Beatles.

See Sam at the official website for American English!
Includes Lots of Audio, Video and Photos, etc. etc.!
This is how close he will be to me. ~~~ Distance between Sam and Christine on Sept 2

Hey Sam, I want to meet you in 2008, when I hope to go to Liverpool.

Liverpool - A Brief History

THE NAME The earliest reference to the name was in 1190, since when the great name has been spelled at least 40 different ways: Llerpwll, Lerpwl, Lyrpul, Lyrpul, Leverpul, Laverpul, Lyfrpwll, Leverpole, Liverpul, Lyrpul, Lytherpul, Lieurpul and so on. What does it mean?
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