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Brian and ladies

Question: Does anyone out there want me to post what I originally was going to post...but decided not to?

It was a lot of musing, analyzing, explanation, feelings, that kind of crap.
The bulk of it would be behind an LJ-cut.

This was all brought about by something I found in a very lovely new magazine article...
This quote from an impeccable source, Joe Flannery, affected me with very strong mixed feelings of happiness and sadness, and, for those who would be curious as to why, I tried to put it into words, but decided at the last minute not to post it because, hm, I don't really know why...
Dating Sonia Seligson
The quote:
Joe Flannery says that Epstein “was also attracted to ladies, and I am saying ladies, and they were attracted to him.

Alma Cogan[For example] There was one, Alma Cogan [born Alma Angela Cohen], a huge star in the 1950s. He was very fond of her and she of him.

Remember, he was very young. He was very busy and he didn’t really have any time for long-term relationships. If he hadn’t died he probably would have had a [long-term] relationship [with a man] by now. And a wife.”

(boldtext emphasis by christine)
This article was published in the August issue of Moment Magazine, "The New Magazine for America's Jew."

The article was co-written by the magazine's Executive Publisher and Editor Nadine Epstein, and Beatles author and pop culture writer Walter Podrazik (you may have heard of him, he's very decent).

So... what do you think?

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