christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Comatose medical ramblings & pics to make it all better. And a favor?

As far as I know, I've still got my tonsils.
And my appendix, and all those other semi-useless pieces of flesh.
(Which brings to mind Dale's)(also the one in his head)
If I ever go to a doctor or dentist again
~ it's been at least 4 years, but they've given me too much shit in the past and I don't trust them anymore ~
maybe I'll remember to have them check. For the tonsils, not the appendix. W'evr

I'm really out of it. Didn't get to sleep until after 4am.

Speaking of guts, my brother Bill was supposed to go in for heart surgery today, and it got cancelled & has to be rescheduled. Apparently, somebody with more money needed surgery. That would be my guess.
Bill is going nuts, but he was nuts to begin with. Worse than Barney Fife on amphetamines. He's driving everyone else insane now.

What happened was, he ignored his teeth for years, had a raging problem going for who knows how long, and ~ as we all know ~ there is a direct blood infection route from teeth to heart.
(huh wtf? OK)
They found out he had developed a split in his aorta, which caused him to say he didn't feel good at work, then he fell down.

Realizing that this wasn't his usual don't-feel-good-fall-down game (J/K), the company called an ambulance, and after battering him with tests, they put away their battering ram and told him he needed almost-immediate heart surgery... so of course they stuck an IV in his arm, and sent him home for over 3 weeks until they could find it in THEIR hearts to perform said surgery.

Who knows when that will be now.

So this won't be a wasted post, here's a nice picture.
Tom Smothers, George Harrison, Dick Smothers
Wot, did George just shred Tommy's hand? And now ... watch out, Dickie!!!

Brian Epstein and Jack Meinero
Brian and a guy. With clothes on.

An early girl-dating Brian
Brian and a girl. Dining out. My money says the clothes will stay on.

Brian accepting Finchley Jewish Club award
Brian and a dork. Please keep the clothes on, fella.
(Sorry, whoever you are, but you really did look lame.)

Brian and Queenie, all dolled up
Brian and his best girl. In their best clothes.

Brian and Cilla, celebrating
Brian and his "daughter" ~ Bobby will take her clothes off later, Bri.

Brian and George Martin
Brian and George Martin.

Wasn't there a story about George Martin walking through a recording session naked?
To break up the boredom, or for a prank or something?
There is no doubt whatsoever the clothes stayed on here in Portmeirion, though.
They were very good friends, but not THAT good.

Oh... and I forgot to ask y'all...
if you took a peek over at the FBM forum in the past, and you were unfortunately confronted with banner ads and popups,
please take a look once more
and see if they are still there.
There are no blatant ads there anymore for me, but I'm the mod, so maybe they're just doing that for me.

I'm hoping everyone is ad-free now, so that's why I'm asking you to check and let me know. Thanks!

NOTE: The above is not applicable anymore ~ we have since moved to the brand spanking new Fifth Beatle ForumThe Fifth Beatle Movie Forum and it's a dream!

As for the old forum ~

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