christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Online radio: Syd Barrett tribute tonight

Here's the rundown, from the station's website:
The Ralph Valdez Program (10PM-12am)
WDET Music Mix. Tonight’s show is dedicated to Pink Floyd founding member and psychedelic / progressive rock pioneer, the late Syd Barret.

Besides exploring listener favorites and rare recordings, local musician Matt Smith will be on hand to share Syd Barret stories, scandals and theories about his true mental health.

Lucky listeners will also have a chance to win tickets for upcoming concerts by Mission Of Burma (7-28 Magic Stick) and also for Ian Anderson’s Orchestral Jethro Tull (7-28 Meadow Brook).
To access the station, click the below url, then the appropriate player link, or follow their directions on that page if it doesn't work at first ~

This is a great and diverse public radio station, referred to me by Chazz Avery

of BeatleSource

and The Savage Young Beatles!

According to Chazz:
You might hear The Ramones followed by Frank Sinatra followed by The Monkees followed by Indian music followed by John Coltrane. They have a nightly jazz program, folk and blues on Saturday. Celtic music on Sundays. And from midnight 'till 5:AM, the Liz Copeland show presents the most eclectic batch of music that I've ever heard.

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