christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Sunday Sermon: for all minorities, inclusive of non-Caucasians, plants, vegans & vegetarians.

I say to you, when comes the end of days, the W.A.S.P. is merely meat after all.
          eppylover the christine, 07:23:06

Reality and logic. Nature. People are organisms, and in that way are no different from apes and snails and amoebas ... we're the most highly evolved. That's all. Our ability to "reason" (albeit in a fashion most faulty) and be "cognizant" (ditto) also has given us the arrogance to presume that we're somehow better than non-humans.

We're made of meat that rots as readily as any other living thing does.

Nature ("God" if you will) treats hordes of humans exactly the same as hordes of ants. Nature compels them to breed to an overwhelming degree, wreak havoc on their surroundings, and indeed be stomped upon and destroyed by natural or unnatural means.

Taken to an extreme (which homo sapiens has done on more than a few occasions) it becomes not as extreme as you may think ~ from spraying and getting rid of insect infestations, to getting rid of, say, African or Jewish infestations. After all, they both can be intolerably annoying and inconvenient to our better, normal way of life. ;P

If aliens landed on earth, most of us wouldn't think twice about doing the same to them ... so what's the difference?

If I'm going to mourn and cry about God's foot stepping on 1,000 humans somewhere (which I'm not), it's only fair that I get every bit as upset about 1,000 cattle being slaughtered... or l'Ogre's foot stepping on 1,000 ants.

When we separate human and non-human animals by nature of our brains and appearance, what is to prevent us from further separation? *Name your minority* ~ their brains are clearly not the same as ours, and certainly the non-"humanness" of their appearance betrays them.

I wish humans could get over this insane, self-aggrandizing notion of being "above" other creatures of earth. It is only the brain that functions on a different level. It also is merely meat, yet its level of cognizance compels it to create the concept of souls, and the afterlife, and God... because these brains have not evolved enough to be able to accept anything other than our obvious superiority, which of course by default must include our everlasting life as spirits. Oh boy.

We are organic matter, the same as any other animal. Deal with it, believers of the afterlife.
Either we do not live after death in any manner, or, after death, something else happens with ALL organic life. Let's be consistent here.
Why should the more highly-evolved beings with more highly-evolved brains be the only fortunate ones?
How very convenient for us.

Think of that as you take another bite into that juicy Big Mac.

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