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Bill Harry Writes Again

This morning I received another email from Bill Harry (Brian's old business friend/foe, depending on what was going on). In case you aren't aware, Mr Harry was the person who made it possible for Brian Epstein and Alistair Taylor to gain entrance to the Cavern and lay their eyes and ears on the Beatles for the first time. He's been a major player in the Beatles and Merseyside scene ever since.

Bill Harry had this to say to me:


Dear Christine,

Yesterday I received a video of the Japanese documentary about Brian which was broadcast on their main channel. I did the interview in the vault of the Hard Rock Cafe in London. There were scenes in Liverpool at Brian's house, the cavern, the former Nems shop and at the Beatles experience. The main Liverpool people discussing his were Mike and Bernie Byrne.

If you can let anyone know about the Mersey Beat site I would be most grateful. I'll be posting further material at the end of next week.




I looked around the site a bit and did not run across this particular video, so I doubt if he's going to make it public. IMO, he seems to be quite the miser with giving anything away for free, including copying pics from his site -- he even makes the photos very low in resolution so they're small and unenlargeable. Damn. Nonetheless, Mersey Beat is full of all sorts of fascinating Beatles and Liverpool stuff!

For example, here is a recent pic of Bill Harry and Cyn Lennon from the site!

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