christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

July 2006 Teen Girl Squad Goes to Camp

I simply HAD to force y'all to watch this new TEEN GIRL SQUAD!!!
errmmm, because,

July 2006 Teen Girl Squad Goes to Camp

...well, you know.

In other happenings, Dale "passed his probation" on a job promotion he had been trying to get for the past, well, at least 10 years. In effect, the City was finally forced to promote him by default, for lack of anyone else eligible this time around.

So, surprise, his boss went ahead and gave him his permanent papers today, months ahead of time, instead of waiting out that six-month probation period in which they could demote him back to his old position for any reason.

He wants to take us out to "a nice place" to eat tonight. S'okay. The raise isn't coming for awhile yet, Dale, don't go overboard. You've still got to pay for that motorcycle you just bought that we can't afford. (!)

Oh yeah, I forgot. If we get in trouble it will be MY fault because I retired early.
Well, that was our conveniently-forgotten agreement when we got married.

We'll just have to be embarrassed again as he says grace for 18 years before he starts eating ~ and Stephy & I are looking around, like, "we don't know this guy, he just sat down here."

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