christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

A few of Brian & his boys, followed by some Monkee business

Brian EpsteinThe next three were recently found by Trini.
A thousand curses on the bastard who invented watermarking!

John and Brian share a private joke?
Um, well, nobody else seems to be laughing...
Brian Epstein with The Beatles

Brian Epstein with The Beatles

Brian Epstein with The Beatles

That's Brian behind Ringo to the right
Brian Epstein with The Beatles

The man following Brian is the ever-faithful Alistair Taylor 1935 - 2004
Brian Epstein with The Beatles

Brian Epstein with The Beatles

Brian Epstein with The Beatles

Brian "treats" George and Pattie to a bullfight.
At the bullfight ~ Brian Epstein, George & Pattie Harrison

Dammit, You should have known better, Bri.
Ouch, says Mr. Bull. Hot stuff! says Bri.
Poor thing! says Pattie and George.
Brian Epstein with The Beatles

Paul: "Ooo Johnny, wot a fab bum you got there!"
John Lennon the matador

Updates on Peter Tork and Mike Nesmith, my two fave Monkees
I'll bet you never gave a thought as to what happened to Peter Tork ~ the Monkee whose job, apparently, it was ~ well, his job in the Monkees was primarily to look like an airhead.

Those of us who knew better, knew Tork was probably the best educated of the four.
Check out the music he's making now, with his band Shoe Suede Blues.
Peter Tork and Shoe Suede BluesCLICK PIC

Then, here's Pete's own site, called, amazingly ~ PETER TORK.COM

For those who care ~ *christine raises hand* ~Here's whatever happened to Michael Nesmith:
Michael Nesmith on May 22, 2006

By golly, except for the dorky cap,
Nez is dressed just like
yours truly the eppylover!
Michael Nesmith, photo by Tony King

Now, THIS looks
like our old Mike!
By the way, have you ever read "The Hitchhiker's Guide To..." books?
Douglas Adams was Nez's best friend. Mike Nesmith's tribute to Douglas Adams


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