christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Late Sunday Sermon

I was going to save these for next week, but truly I could not resist.

This is a real preacher man on TV. He sporadically, suddenly gets this pained expression on his face while speaking. I suppose he's trying to look like he's getting an inspiration or message from the lord, but to me it always looked like indigestion.

Well, glory be to god, he now has been blessed with very appropriate sound effects added to his dialogues!

As a rule, your eppylover is not a fan of infantile poo-poo ca-ca jokes.
After a few moments watching this, however, I realized these vids are in another category altogether.

Televangelist Robert Tilton
Televangelist Robert Tilton #1

Tilton #2
Tilton #3

Thank yew! * Thank yew! * Thank yew! *
(Both Stephy and I suffer from hilarity tummyache! Heeeeeal us!)

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