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Great, wonderful, huge, Monkees site that died a few years ago. ...IS BACK.
Psycho Jello
This was the place where I was originally able to get all the info on the Beatles/Monkees parties, etc. And rare pics (such as the one at left, click on it for slightly larger version).

Here's what they announced on their main blog:
Domain Is Back~psycho jello dot com / monkees

Also ~
Just posted on BeatleLinks Fab Forum:

A member from Southampton, England writes
(typos and all):
New beatles series starting!
I'm not sure if this is coming out in America or if it has already but a new beatles series is starting on Monday night all about them and the sixties!!

It's on UKTV history and comes on at 5:00 and 9:00pm!

it's title is The 60's: the beatles decade
and the info is
New series exploring the devepment of the beatles, looking at their american influences as well as cultural shifts in the uk!

sounds intresting to me!
Here are a few links I googled on it:
site #1
site #2
site #3

The Most Important News!
Vivek made a new post on his blog ~
It's really exciting, I think!
I'll repeat it for you:
July 03, 2006 - 12:38pm
Many apologies for being so infrequent with my blog entries. The reason is simply that I've been extremely busy with the film-- on both creative and business levels.

As a quick overview: The script is in great shape and we're putting finishing touches on a premilinary budget and schedule now. We're enjoying a ton of interest in the project, and I'm accordingly in lots of conversations throughout the film and music industries...

I'm sincerely hoping that I can stop being so cagey and reveal more/real details soon, but it's always been my nature to not talk about developments until things are truly settled, negotiated, etc.

So please continue to stay tuned, and thanks for all your support and interest! ...and I hope to be better about this blog in the future :)
...and I've been communicating directly with him on the forum. You can, too!
(Try not to let the extra damned advertising ~ and popup ads, why? ~ bother you. I'm gonna eventually get up the courage to ask him why that's necessary, especially since they're some of the most intrusive kind. Eh, just scroll down a little for the good stuff. *sigh*)

Thanks for looking at our forum and Vivek's blog!

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