christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Fun With Profiles, etc

Brian and his boys receiving an award
Classy guy. but his left profile is not his best. :/

Check out Brian wistfully watching his boys perform his right profile (click for hotness) for proof positive!
His left side looks like a shy shopkeeper; his right side looks ... grrrrrr!

left arrowClick the long pic on the left for a large (1024x988 - 274K) version of the award photo.

                The press mob, the boys' entourage, and the Sullivan crew in 1964 ~
                For the HUGE (1708x1324 - 235 K) version, click on the below pic.

The press, the boys and entourage, and the Sullivan crew, 1964

And, oh yeah, were the Beatles there? ;P

I didn't post my weekend sermons because I'm worried about not hearing from ladyeffingbroke, perhaps the biggest fan of those diatribes.
I miss her. ;_;

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