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NBC takes over YouTube, Chris Carter's cool garage, and Linkymania!

+ = ..?

how long will it be before YouTube stops giving us all these great videos, such as ancient TV shows... clips from ANY TV shows, movies, or videos... rare Beatles films...
and all this rare Eppy?
[Aug 3 2006 update ~ very few of the search results remain that once showed up when the above link was clicked.]

Aside from what NBC will want to hype to us, will our free viewing soon be limited to the stuff that YouTube started out with in the beginning ~ those little things uploaded by the general public ~ the kids frolicking in front of the camera, peoples' own put-together animations, the (often lame) videos of dorks on vacation, weddings, bar mitzvahs, etc.? Or worse, the business training films, the "teach yourself the oboe" lesson videos, etc.?

Is the party over?

The story is ~
Not long ago, NBC was threatening YouTube and demanding that they cease and desist letting people upload and show copyrighted materials...

Now we hear NBC has just "allied" with YouTube...
which, to me, means that there must have been some insider pressure placed somewhere...
and this is just a different ploy the giant network is using before moving in for the kill...

Aw damn.
I'm sure we'll have to put up with a lot of commercial crap from NBC. Just watch.

It's a no-brainer that NBC will throw out any uploads that make anyone but their own huge conglomerate look good.

Say goodbye to clips from your fave shows, unless they're NBC shows.
No doubt they'll keep a close watch on anything that's unauthorized. YouTube alone may not have had the money to do that, but with NBC's funds, the sky's the limit.

I'll bet they'll also, sooner or later, be asking for paid sign-ups for any good stuff...

Here's the first place I heard about
The YouTube/NBC Alliance Plan.

Read the PBS opinion on this situation.

Many other news reports on this sorry NBC/YouTube marriage.

*sigh* It was nice while it lasted. Shades of the old free Napster. :/

Read About Chris and his converted garageful of Beatle-stuff, etc!

Trini's friend, LA's KLSX-FM 97.1 Breakfast With The Beatles
dj Chris Carter ~

~ this dude is actually cooler than I imagined. (Kinda hot-lookin' too.)

Chris Carter of Breakfast With The Beatles on 97.1 Free FM in Los Angeles

If I could only get it to work...!!!
OH MY! This "podcast" blog has SO many Brian artistes and Merseyside-related videos... Billy J Kramer ~ Gerry & The Pacemakers ~ Cilla Black! ~ Freddie & The Dreamers ~ even Tony Sheridan?! Wow! Even a touch of Brian's main Boys is here.
But for some reason my computer won't play it...

Beatles Linkspam

Samples of "Unseen" pics by Michael Peto
A few of them are Beatles.
Click on them to enlarge and save.

Click on each Beatle for a larger Beatle...
george ... john ... paul ... ringo

Some rare Beatle photos -
since this is a tripod site, they are not clickable ~ you have to copy & paste the urls into your browser instead ~ but it's worth it... 

A couple of Shea Stadium shots I haven't seen before

Check out this big beautiful pre-Brian Beatles pic taken at the Indra!
Early Days
The boys, minus Ringo but including both Stu and Pete!


Finally, I found a page of homemade covers for Beatles DVD's, CD's, etc.

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