christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Simon Napier-BellBesides being offline and working on my hard drive backup, the following news is one of the things that made my mind skip over posting the Saturday Shmooz and the Sunday Sermon this past weekend.

I got this message in my Saturday "Watch That Page" update email:

Eighteen months of answering your emails and
writing a monthly piece for you has been fun,
but I'm now working on a new book and daily
supervision of the website just isn't practical.

Hopefully the result of this will be a new book
in a year or so's time.

Thanks for having come regularly to the website.
I hope you can still find plenty in it to enjoy.
All the back emails are there to read through as
are my back pieces for the Whatsgoingon section.

So thenceforth departeth our fave esteemed guest reverend. I'm sad for myself, and for those of us who enjoyed his delightful diatribes, but I'm glad that he continues to insist upon doing exactly as he pleases without compunction, and hopefully we will be graced with another delightful book from him in a year or so.

From what I've gathered from his earlier email answers on the subject, his upcoming book will encompass more of the present-day Simon's thoughts and escapades rather than dwelling in the past. Please read his previous three books for all those reminisces and anecdotes!

You Don't Have To Say You Love Me

Black Vinyl White Powder

~ and ~
I'm Coming To Take You To Lunch

...But hmmm, you never can predict our Simon... he may just start missing the internet interactivity and come back to being rude to us sooner than planned. ;P

(Note: I'm one who's lucky enough to be able to say he's never been rude to me, just talked down a little in the manner of a proper upper-crusty Brit.)


In any case, I promise you there are still plenty of goodies waiting for you if you poke around the website he left behind ~ Many of the emails and replies are particularly delicious. (I'm in there a couple times...)

*sigh* Life must go on.

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