christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Blog, Blog Me Do... he's stunned... shocked and stunned... (Shades of Leggy Mountbatten)

First of all, please let me apologize for not preaching my usual weekend sermons. I shall explain my reason later *christine sobs and moans*... ;P

Of course you've heard of Alan J. Porter, former Merseysider
and esteemed author of
Before They Were Beatles...

Click for larger image

Below please read a recent entry from his LJ (Eppification Factor=3)


17th June, 2006. 8:31 pm. Well I'm simply stunned..

This is simply staggering - The Times - yes that TIMES - has just listed the little Beatles themed Blog that I've been writing over the last few months as .... get this...

The #1 Beatles related Blog on the web.

Sound of my lower jaw hitting the kitchen tiles....

The article listing the Top 5 Beatles blog can be found here,

and if you haven't started reading it yet, you can find the aforementioned blog, which goes under the snappy title of "Blog, Blog Me Do", by clicking here.

Well, even with the small amount of Brianization, Eppylover The Christine thought Alan's blog is unique enough to be worth passing on to all you normal-type beatlegoobers...

And now a husband is expected home and will expect nourishment *grumble*

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