christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

We're back! Didn't even know we were gone, huh?

We've been offline for over 24 hours now, of our own accord, no fault of Comcast's...

Finally succeeded in backing up most of what we want to preserve, "just in case."

The external hard drive we used was THIS ONE, the 8.0G capacity (smallest) one.

Since I'm a pretty lame techno-geek when it comes to hardware, I had some false starts over the past couple days trying to get the thing to work. Thought I'd messed it up a few times because I have no idea what I'm doing. (Still don't know if I'd be able to recover anything from the thing.) But it SEEMS to have worked. It says it did.

shy Brian EpsteinThe second false start was not my fault, gasp! The thing was chugging along when I did a very normal thing ~ turned off a light switch in the same room ~ I heard a slight "foof" and the light went off ~ but so did everything at my workstation: including the computer and external hard drive. (Insert screech of f-word here)

The TV on the other side of the room was still on (with a Stephy parked in front of it), but the kitchen light was not functional. Some things worked, some didn't. Ah. Either a fuse blew, or a circuit breaker was tripped. Check basement. One circuit switch awry, yes. However, not knowing if I'd make things worse by flipping it back, I left it as it was.

Meanwhile, back upstairs, the light switch dimmer knob just kind of flopped around.
Small light bulb (the imaginary one) above Christine's head flickers and fades.     Solution: wait for Dale.

We ended up waiting 3 hours without power (to certain areas) until the lord and master deigned to return to the castle ~ one of the few times we actually wanted him home, and he's an hour late. Of course, our phone was on the blown circuit, but it wouldn't have done any good anyway, as he refuses (as I do) to carry a cell phone (phones are evil).

He finally appears ~ telling us he's late because he stopped at "a few places" to "check some things out." (Wants to spend over a thousand more dollars we don't have on another toy for himself, but I won't go into that right now.)

After a trip out to dinner, to Menards (and Blockbuster so Stephy could check out if they've got the new Paper Mario), he replaced the switch and I reconfigured the files for the hard drive to back up. Good thing, because the first time I had overlooked things and included a lot of crap I shouldn't have.

So, getting it started again, it actually seemed to pick up where it left off (although I don't know for sure, duh) ... and when I woke up this morning I looked at it and (I forget the exact words on the screen) it looked like it had aborted itself or something. However, looking further into the log files and such, I do believe it had successfully completed its mission.
Screen said the backup took over eight and a half hours. Li'l Eppy says augghhh Oy.
I think I have it configured to just, you know, from now on replace things that have changed and add any new ones ~ I hope so, anyway.

In other news,
an eBay auction ~
set to end on
Thurs June 29 ~
looks quite intriguing.

1966 POP book

13:03:17 PDT

I asked the seller for a rundown on the Eppy contents, and he responded immediately as follows (The bolded words are my emphasis)~
Hi Christine,
The article is headed: The new world of Brian Epstein by Hal Langham.

There is a full page height picture, head & shoulders in white shirt and dark tie describing him as the entertainment-world's most powerful man.

Another small picture is informal with Cilla and others; a third pic. is with John Lennon on a pier or boat in Miami (both in white and shorts); finally another pic has him in line with the Beatles being presented to Princess Margaret.

The article is all about him as an important entertainment manager and as a new breed of manager, theatre owner and international player working out of his NEMS HQ. There's something on his views on the Beatles (of course!) but plenty on aspects of his empire and huge successes. A bit more on being a restless 27 year-old Liverpool storeman...and his rise to fame.

Hope this helps. Good Luck!
Update: I just received a reply to my thank you message, which reads as follows:
Hi Christine,
Thanks; I appreciate you putting the word around...
never realised there was so much interest in B. Epstein!
I'll see what else I've got...
Well, yay! Hands across the waters, Eppy lovers! There are many Brian items lurking hidden in the UK that never became available in the US.

Once again here's confirmation that Brian Epstein was never given the chance to become the hero here that he was there. The gems exist in Great Britain... we've just gotta keep asking and looking.

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