christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

The Beatles Place

Undoubtedly under the cosmic influence of Li'l Eppy, we have today stumbled across a site apparently run by a couple of guys who have a cartoon thingy going.

They have the YouTube player embedded on their page, and here are some screencaps I cobbled together:
New Fab Four Cartoon
The Beatles Place

Click on the pic to see the toon!

Beatles Place Shop

By the looks of it, not very many people have caught onto this place yet, which includes a forum, a blog facility, a place to post pics ~ so much content and interactibility (is that a word?) ~
And I could not find one reference to Brian.
Uh? Of course, you know I had to try and cure that discrepancy.
My ~ and Brian's ~ Little Corner of The Beatles Place

Amongst mucho other goodies, this site boasts various Fabs videos and a page of audio shows full of Beatle.

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