christine~ (eppylover) wrote,


She just made me smile ~ there's a "drugs in the 60's" (or something) show on VH1 she's watching ~ and while watching a very short Beatles-related part she said, something-something- "...the Beatles: Brian, Paul, Ringo and George..."
after a couple seconds she caught herself and added, ", who was that guy? The one everyone pays the most attention to..."

Hee hee. That's my kid.

The other day we stopped for lunch at Perkins, and I got all excited because it was the first time I ever saw a Seniors' Menu that I was old enough for!!! (An excited Eppylover is embarrassing to the daughter ~ a squeeing 55-year-old is not a pretty sight.)

Up until then, every senior discount raised its qualifying age just before I reached said age. It was frustrating as hell.

But, after a minute, my face must have registered something truly bizarre, because Stephy laughed and remarked, "I'm getting a mixed message here..."

I said, "Huh?" (as I'm wont to say at such times)

So she said, "Your face is saying two things at once: 'OH GOODIE, I'M A SENIOR!' and 'OH POO, I'M A SENIOR!'"

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