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George humor

Stephy finally let me on for a few, so I'll slap this George bit on real quick:

Every Beatle peedle worth their, squee-dle? ...has heard the following two anecdotes:

George's deadpan humour was obvious right at the beginning. When Paul was late for the first official meeting between Brian Epstein and the Beatles at the Nems office, Epstein was annoyed at what he considered Paul's tardiness. "Sorry, Mr. Epstein," said George, "He's just been having a bath."

Brian was still angry and said, "This is disgraceful, He is going to be very late."

"Late," said George, "but very clean."

~ and ~

It was George's wit that helped them to secure their record contract with George Martin. Following their recording audition, Martin called them into the control room to listen to the playback, saying "You must listen to it, and if there's anything you don't like, tell me, and we'll try to do something about it."

George replied, "Well, for a start, I don't like your tie."

Martin was so amused by the comment; he was delighted with the Beatles and their sense of humour.

These stories come from Bill Harry's Mersey Beat website, and this article was mostly about George and his sense of humour. Here are a few more samples ~ which I had posted July 2, 2005, but I realize there are many new people reading me:

George Harrison interviewWhen the Beatles were in Washington in February 1964, local disc jockey Carroll James was interviewing them when George said to him, "I wanna be a baggy sweeger." "A baggy sweeger?" asked James, wondering what George was talking about. "Oh yeah," said the Beatle, "You know, in every town there's twenty-five baggy sweegers and every morning they get up and go out to the airport and baggy sweeger all around."

In 1965, during the Beatles tour of America, a chartered aircraft developed engine trouble and was replaced by an old plane that was to fly them to the West Coast. Noting the worn fittings in the interior, a worried George asked a stewardess about a dusty coil of rope on a rack. "It's an escape ladder," she said. "How long is it?" asked George. "about 12 feet, I guess," she replied. "I take it we shall fly to California at a steady 13 feet all the way then," said George.

When discussing their appearance in Holland, George asked Paul if he remembered the house they stayed in at Harlech. Paul couldn't. George told him, "Yes, you do! There was a woman who had a dog with no legs. She used to take it out in the morning for a slide."

Read the full article at this Mersey Beat page

Guess I'm not totally pissed at Bill Harry for his jealous claims about Brian's "fabrications."
After all, I do link his site whenever I cop something from it, don't I?

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