christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Late Sunday Sermon

Ahhh! Stephy finally let me online! So I shall steal and edit one of my old replies to a comment, and that is gonna have to do for tonight ~

I have wondered since childhood how they could possibly have figured out what Jesus looked like... the "shroud of turin"...?

At what point in time did they invent Jesus's sorta gay Frank Zappa look... and which artist came up with it in the first place? I've read that some ancient drawings of Mithra (predating Christianity by centuries) were virtually indistinguishable from ancient depictions of Jesus. As they do now with TV shows, they no doubt used hype that worked so well in the past. By the same token, it's obvious the Mithra mavins recycled ancient Jewish stories.

Contrary to some Christian apologists' arguments I've read, I'm convinced that the leaders of Christianity (as with the various all other religions) were never concerned that borrowing from the pagans would be blasphemy. Oh for pete's sake, they didn't care about blasphemy. They were only concerned with controlling people.

They would, however, be very concerned if the people REALIZED they borrowed from pagans. Therefore, they decreed it was strictly forbidden for followers to look into paganism for any reason whatsoever.

Just as it was, in my youth, strictly forbidden for Catholics to attend any other churches for any reason. When I asked one of the Sisters at my Catholic school why I couldn't go with a friend to one of their church services (I was staying with them over the weekend and otherwise would have had to sit all alone at their house), she told me it was a sin because I would be tempted to switch religions "for the convenience." The reason? Because all non-Catholic christian religions were "easier" and I was forbidden to "lead myself into temptation" in such ways.

I know that in the (I hope not too) far distant future when time travel becomes a reality,
(hey, my time travel belief hope that I hang onto is more scientifically and logically feasible than the beliefs of the religion drones)
...that one of the first people they're gonna want to smack an eyeball on will be the Crimson Redeemer himself.

And... IF they ever find a guy who may have inspired all this shit, IF they ever find this so-called "Jesus Christ" the Jew with the Greek name, I'll lay dollars to donuts that he looked more like Mel Brooks. ( ~ but dis guy HAD to have been an exceptionally persuasive charismatic orator!)
Moses scene from Mel Brooks 'History of the World Part I'

To make up for the Shiksa Pseudo-Fabbi's failure to make a Saturday Jewish-themed Shabbat post yesterday, I hereby link you to one of my fave old entries: Jewish accomplishments, and Jewish appeal to the Eppylover

Goodnight all!

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