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Mr Anonymous Eppy-clone and the Mystery Tour

I had seen the below photo before, but never had the occasion nor the inclination to ask about it. This was taken during the making of MMT, which was ever-so-shortly after the expiration of our Eppy.

Magical Mystery sweatervested Macca speaks with mysterious stranger slightly resembling his late friend and manager

Now that I happened across it again in this comment in beatlepics, I shall ask everyone if anyone has any idea at all ~ who the hell IS that anonymous bloke with Paulie?

This man's slight resemblance to Brian has driven me bonkers.
Brian Epstein did have cousins close to his own age.

Here is my original press photo of
Brian's cousin Basil Hyman, and
(to my eyes) even HE doesn't resemble
Brian as much as this fella does.

This was an impulse eBay purchase.
The photo was initially a mistaken
identity shot by reporters, as you can
see by the markings on the back.

Basil Hyman had just made a visit to
Brian's 24 Chapel Street home the
day after his death.

I love everything to do with
the Epstein/Hyman families.


Basil Hyman, cousin of Brian Epstein

Back of press photo

Left to right: Gerry Marsden, Billy J Kramer, Brian Epstein, Barbara Mattison Epstein and Clive EpsteinJust to show you that the person with Paul during MMT was not Clive, Brian's brother. Clive Epstein was blond, and this photo of him (far right) is from his wedding in the 60's ~ and even Clive looks less like Brian than Mr Anonymous does.

In other news, Trini has uploaded her Beatles Pics of the Week ~
1967 Promo Videos & Photo Sessions

Here's my fave Trini-Photoshopped ghost image from last week:
Paul McCartney plays as ghost Linda listens

Trini's Brian ghost images are here and here

For some of Trini's other Beatles ghost images, click here

And to supply your daily Georgasm, here he be:
Older George Harrison

BTW, I'm shocked that most of the images in This Old Beatlepics eBay Pirated Spam are still showing up!!! Neat, neat photos, people.
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