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Nemsy's John Lennon Nursery

I just HAD to break from the norm and show you pictures of the totally John Lennon bedroom that my niece Kelly put together for her babe, whose nickname is "Nems" ... which I'm sure would have slightly amused our Eppy. She sent these to me yesterday:
Nemsy's JL nursery Nemsy's JL nursery
Even though I personally would never purchase at retail any of the "John Lennon Real Love Collection" items myself ~ because poor Julian is getting thoroughly screwed in the process (as always)* ~ I can't hold that against anyone who does buy them, because the Lennon stuff is darling, and it does perpetuate his memory... even though the methods used are dishonorable.

I try to encourage people to acquire these items through eBay or garage sales, or any other way that does not directly profit the Power Lennons.

Otherwise, the Eppylover is duly impressed. :)

*(And I can't help believing that if Brian hadn't died he would have found a compromise between the two families, the Liverpool Lennons and the Power Lennons. IF Yoko had been able to latch onto John with Eppy there. Brian would have worked it out; he was such an expert at conciliation with his boys.)

Excerpt from a forum post I found:
See, it soooo bugs me that she claims to be protecting his work. IMO, putting the animal print and the lyrics to Imagine (not *my* favorite, but arguably one of his best-loved songs) on diapers to get crapped on is a passive-aggressive form of professional jealousy; she was an artist before he was, wasn't she? Why does everyone always want to talk to her about JOHN??? WhatEVERRR, dude. (We've used the diapers and Consumer Reports is right, they're a value product that worked well for us; I was stunned when I saw what was printed on them, tho)

When I first saw the "Real Love" bedding at Babies R Us, I loved it because the animals looked like the groovy doodled stuff my cartoonist dad would draw for me when I was little. After I looked at all the products available and got some home, I discovered Yoko's name on the trademark and just about fell over. As far as I'm concerned, she IS "merchandising John aggressively" and SHE's profiting from it, twice... first by getting the licensing fees and then by keeping her name recognition going without paying for actual advertising. I have a serious problem with a person having their name on the trademark for another person's artwork, and I don't care if it's the widow/er. At least let Sean get his name on this collection, since the drawings were made for him. Let HIM be the one to sign & profit from the sale of the fine art prints and all the other products that were the result of his father's relationship with him.

BTW, this has nothing to do with who "broke up" the Beatles or any of that silly stuff... this is purely about how the legacy of an artist is handled, be he Lennon, Escher or a current up-and-coming unknown.

Posted by micaela at September 8, 2005 06:20 PM

Reading the part where the above commenter says, "I have a serious problem with a person having their name on ... another person's artwork," reminds me of the bogus LJ'ers who insist on having their names credited on icons they made from another person's photography. Same thing, basically, except no money is changing hands on the icons ~ it's all vanity.

Contrasting the two closest links to John LennonDespite everything, though, I'm a firm believer that in many ways Yoko was right for John. He was going downhill mentally in much the same way that his good friend and mentor Brian was, with nobody else to cling to. Then when his mentor died, he was able to cling to Yoko. Whether or not her methods of luring him were deceptive, nevertheless (as he said himself) she saved his life.

Knowing how well those two fit together, the only thing I sigh at is the shaft that they gave the Liverpool Lennons. Other than that, I'm able to be happy for John and say, "whatever," because Yoko does have her very attractive bizarre side. She's a great believer in peace for (almost) everyone. And she did mostly do a great deal of good for John. They went through a lot together and came out victorious. Until.

When I read somewhere, some time ago, what Brian really needed was "a Yoko," that really struck a chord with me.

I'm not anti-Yoko.
To some extent I'm Yoko-ambivalent,
but mostly I'm Yoko-indifferent.

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