christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Hell, Ginsberg, and Jammie Dodgers

Sign for Hell, MichiganHey ~ not too close, but not too far from us is Hell, Michigan ...
and they're slated to have a hot time tomorrow!!!
See links below!!!

Link #1         Link #2
Link #3         Link#4
Link #5         Link #6

More Links, some from the UK, France, etc.


I'm slightly familiar with the beat poet Allen Ginsberg; however, I'm unimpressed ~ perhaps only because I've never paid him any attention ~ except for the definitely negative reaction our Brian had upon meeting him!

Whenever I see the name Allen Ginsberg, I always think of this part of a story from the fascinating webpage of the late Al Aronowitz:
One of the underlying reasons Allen had for wanting to get famous was the same as one of the underlying reasons I had for wanting to get famous.

In my case, I thought getting famous would improve my sex life. I knew Allen well enough to know he thought the same thing. He used to come on to everybody I introduced him to. Coming on was part of his comedy routine. Allen used to be quick and easy to laugh about his sex life.

Brian Epstein and teaExcept, when I tried to put Allen together with Brian Epstein, then the Beatles' manager and a paradigm of high British swish, Brian was immediately turned off by both the unkempt Allen and Allen's Lower East Side tenement flat. Brian hadn't been there more than a few moments when he announced he suddenly remembered a previous appointment and he walked out the door."
So. What's sauce for the Eppy is sauce for the Eppylover. Or should I say sausage? ...Um, NO.


I am asking three questions of everyone who reads this:

1. Do you know what Jammie Dodgers are?
2. Have you ever had Jammie Dodgers and do you like them?
3. Have you ever heard the Eddie Izzard reference to Jammie Dodgers?


Upper-Class Quote of the Day:
"Madam, you have between your legs an instrument capable of giving pleasure to thousands and all you can do is scratch it."
    ~ Sir Thomas Beecham to a lady cellist

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