christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Late late Memorial Day Post

Striking mood piece by apartment42b
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Memorial Day.
Sorry I didn't get a post made. I suck.
So here's a Brian pic new to me,
Thank you ladyeffinbroke!
Groovy Brian

As for the photo I showed yesterday
(Saturday) being auctioned on eBay,
eBay auction for godfather Eppy photo
hee hee... I won it!

Another eBay item I lust after
Awww man!!!
They will sell this to UK buyers only.
I've been waiting for this book to be eBay'ed at an affordable price
(read: a steal) for a couple years now.
Can't have everything, eppylover.


Memorial Day ...
Why did "the lord" remain silent? You tell me...
Pope Benny at Auschwitz May 28, 2006

Good night.

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