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The HIV origin theory I've believed in all these years has been proven true...

...and how this finding relates to Brian.
Source of AIDS virus definitely African chimps, say scientists
Scotsman - 3 hours ago
TWENTY-FIVE years after the first AIDS cases were confirmed, the origin of the virus that causes the disease has finally been traced to wild chimpanzees living in the forests of south-east Cameroon. Scientists ...
Source of HIV virus traced to chimps from Cameroon Times Online
Chimp Virus Is Linked to HIV New York Times
Seattle Post Intelligencer - - Guardian Unlimited - (subscription) - all 199 related articles »


Some sources claim there were signs that AIDS may have existed in humans as early as the mid-70's, but most are doubtful about that.

This breakthrough caused me to mull over the distant possibility that AIDS may have been the reason Brian's mononucleosis (called "glandular fever" in England) was so terribly chronic for him.

He contracted mono (ironically caused by the Epstein-Barr virus! ...not to be confused with Brian and Roseanne... I'm so sorry... I couldn't help it...) during the July, 1966 fiasco in the Philippines.

Poor Brian never totally got rid of it ~ he would come down sick again and again, for over a year until his death, but still Mr. Perfectionist plunged onward with his immense self-imposed workload ~ even though his duties were lessened on the Beatle front, he still kept taking on more and more responsibilities, many of which he refused to delegate to underlings.

I refer you to my reply to a comment made in an old post in the mrbrianepstein Community ~ containing a lot of links to fascinating (to me, anyway) reference sources and such.

Nat Weiss helps Brian Epstein to a 'more popular than jesus' news conferenceThis photo was taken after Brian, in direct violation of his doctor's orders to rest, dragged himself out of his Portmeirion sickbed to handle the infamous Lennon/Jesus fiasco.

Notice how pale and weak he appears, with the faithful and compassionate Nat Weiss guiding him along.

It makes me think that, undoubtedly, he wouldn't have made it through this crisis without large doses of amphetamines.

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