christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

A small Sunday Sermonette this time

I love what Simon Napier-Bell has to say about gays and religion... in a public reply to a comment he received ~

My opinion is that all religion is vile. It drains the brain of thought and self-judgment. You, Sir Iqbal, have what I consider to be the awful disease of religionism. On the other hand, you might feel that I'm suffering from the awful disease of homosexualism.

I'm perfectly happy for you to express that opinion providing you're equally happy for me to say that anyone who believes in God has a depleted mind and is definitely stuck in the evolutionist period between monkey and human, if not between amoeba and turbot.

Now, if you can accept me saying that, and are prepared to embark with me on this march for freedom of speech, and can defend my remarks to your religious friends (as I will defend your remarks to my gay friends), then you're a good man.

I'm getting more and more fond of this curmudgeonly bastard (or, as he sometimes calls himself, "old cunt"). I used to despise him, because he's always so... well, curmudgeonly! But, if you can get past that, he makes a helluva lot of sense.

I MUST treat you to a sample of his correspondence:

Albi Harbin, Santa Monica , CA , USA
Hi Simon
I'm a singer and I just completed an album of gay protest songs which I'm going to release on my own label. Can I persuade you to listen to it and give me your comments?

Albi, you dumb dick licker. Why would I want to listen to your dreary, faggy, miserable, protest songs? If you're gay, be pleased with it. Try singing some happy songs instead.
(And send them to someone else.)


Albi Harbin, Santa Monica , CA , USA
Dear Simon
I cannot help but offer a riposte to your flippant dismissal of my request for you listen to my album of songs. Maybe it was my own fault for not choosing my words more carefully.

I am not an angry teenager, unhappy with his sexual orientation. I am a mature adult of over forty, a trained classical singer, and have spent most of life my working in medical services and living in a stable relationship. My album is not a ‘protest' in any normal sense of the word. It consists of wry, insightful, humorous songs that comment on the difficulties of living within the phenomenon known as gay America.

Sounds hideous! I think I got it right the first time.

Ahhh, he is soooo rude. I can see why Brian was so ferociously attracted to him.
I'm not, in the way he was ~ far from it, although I think he's aged quite handsomely. He's exactly the type Eppy loved, though - says exactly what's on his mind and doesn't give a shit what anyone else thinks about it.
The point is, people who write to him should know better. He bites.
I'm fascinated in a repulsed sort of way. Addicted to that site.

Strangely, the few times when I wrote him, he was actually civilized in his response on his website, although he did talk down to me a bit.
But that's Simon "You're a legend, Brian, but I still refuse to shag you" Napier-Bell for you.

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