christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Paul and Heather

Well, my Stephy was owning the internet for a couple days there, and I did not see the news until just now.

The Beatles are very much like family members to me, and just as with family members' life choices, my approval or disapproval of the partner doesn't matter. That's the same way Brian looked at it, even though, in the early days, the actual concept of his Boys being married to anyone worried him promotion-wise.

I had no real opinion on Heather as long as she left Paul's art alone, and as long as she supported Paul McCartney the Celeb, as Linda had. And she seemed to be okay on that, a lot more than Yoko was with John. I can say no more.

I'm not anti-Yoko. To some extent I'm Yoko-ambivalent, but mostly I'm Yoko-indifferent.
And then, again, their private lives were/are none of my goddamn business.

Damn. I sure hope Paul can overcome the disappointment and not think of this as a "failure" ~ despite his well-known philandering, he's such a family-loving man. Attracted to very strong-minded women with a cause. Linda understood him, and turned her eyes away from his other "flirtations." Linda would have lasted forever with Paul. God, I hope he can heal and get through this asap. But I know it takes at least a year.

BTW, why isn't everyone expressing concern for the most important victim in this — the child, Beatrice?

You "fans" who are celebrating the split. Shame on you. Grow up.

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