christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Another Beatles Internet Radio Station

Beatlesarama Internet Radio StationFrom David Haber's
What Goes On!
Newsflash website:

Pat Matthews remembers dancing to
"I Want To Hold Your Hand"
at a Halloween party in 1963.

More than four decades later, Pat Matthews combines his passion for The Beatles and his background in radio with an Internet radio station, Beatles-A-Rama!!!, playing nothing but Beatles tunes from his Mission Viejo, California, house.

Another newsflash from Mr Haber that I find has somewhat brought me down today, because I seem to be in the minority of thinking people who know what the title "Fifth Beatle" should really MEAN:
George Martin-The Real Fifth Beatle
It depresses me the way all these so-called experts feel they can bestow that title on people other than Brian. Being a Fifth Beatle is not something one becomes by talent or accomplishments. It is something that Brian was in his heart and soul.
The Fifth Beatle was BRIAN!

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