christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Movie Forum Update and stuffs

~*~*~ Crossposticated Elsewheres~*~*~
Brian Epstein in theatre
I've made a couple of new posts on the Fifth Beatle Movie Forum ...

There are 31 registered members, but only 7 showing on the active members list. ~ ? ~

Guess ezboard doesn't think you exist unless you say hi or something. So, if you want me to be aware that you have registered as a member, please make a small reply or post of some sort so you'll be counted as an "active member."

If you want to, that is.

Just for that purpose, I've made a new topic under General Discussions. So, in the left column under my "Author" info, hit the "reply" link and say hey. If you want to.

Also, a reminder that I'm trying to maintain a LiveJournal Community where, in between updating y'all on the Brian Movie Forum, I'll be bringing forward some ancient mrbrianepstein posts for those who haven't dug far into its archives, and just adding a tidbit or two when I feel the need to amuse or (try to) interest you eppy-wise.


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