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Why I peek in at occasionally

A couple of sweet meet stories

Date: Wed, Apr 26 2006 4:26 pm

A few years ago my wife saw Ringo standing on a platform at the
airport waiting for his driver. It was after midnight and hardly
anyone was around. She said "I don't want to trouble you but can
I shake your hand?" At this point Ringo said "How about a hug"
and gave her a big bear hug and an autograph. No one was watching,
he could easily have said "screw off" but he didn't.
I can't picture that happening with the others.

From: Della Street
Date: Wed, Apr 26 2006 6:12 pm
Email: "Della Street" <"Della Street">

A friend of mine in 1980 traveled to the Dakota. She waited outside till
John and Yoko appeared. She asked John for a picture and he chuckled and
said, "Sure". She then asked me to snap the photo. Before I could
she asked if she could stand between them. John said, "We've never been
asked that before." He allowed her in the middle and he and Yoko put
their arms around her. She was a head taller than Yoko. John had on this
wide brimmed hat and levis. It was August 1980. She kept the photo on
the wall of her used record store for years.


Discovered and skimmed through this great blog entry — it's good enough to share with y'all
Bert Thung's blog
Thursday, March 02, 2006

British TV's reaction to the death of John Lennon -
Nationwide (BBC1) Old Grey Whistle Test (BBC2)
News at Ten (ITV) Lennon (ITV) [Link]


"Onstage, you could not hear the Beatles for the roar of the crowd, and the roar I heard was the roar of the whole world. The audience that evening expressed something beyond repressed adolescent sexuality. The noise they made was the sound of the future. I didn't see it -- I heard and felt it. When I looked at Brian, he had the same lump in his throat and tear in his eye as I."
~ Andrew Loog-Oldham, in his book Stoned,
on viewing The Beatles in Bedford
as an audience member for the first time.

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