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Some actual personal journal stuff, an Eppy-spam, and junk.

Dale stands 6 feet tall while I'm way down here at 5-foot-one.
The other day Dale walked up to me in the kitchen, looked down at me and exclaimed,     "Hey" (my name is always Hey), "I see a lot of white on top!"

What a nice compliment, to be told that snow is gathering on the roof. I told him as usual to get lost, and thought I had dismissed his little touch of class from my mind. Well, seems that I kept remembering it all night, so the next day I went up to the bathroom mirror and, using a hand mirror, looked at the top of my head.

Shit! I had been operating under the impression you couldn't really tell I was growing white hairs unless you looked closely — and it kinda looks like a little bit of on-purpose streaking. Ha. Now I realize this is only when looking at me face-on. What the rest of the human race (excluding children and some of the "little people") see is what almost appears to be flour sprinkled on the crown of my head.

Thanks, Dale.


I used to read books like Montag would burn them! However, for the past several years (since the internet happened) I can't keep myself focused on just sitting there and reading or even watching a movie anymore. Can't sit there and let it soak in the eyes. Must interact!

Stephy has been trying to force me to read Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 for the past 2 weeks, and to please her I've been trying to do that. The book goes back to her school tomorrow morning, so I'd better get my butt moving on it, because I'm not even through the first chapter. It's fascinating, but, as I said, I don't have the patience to just sit there and let anything soak into my eyes anymore.

Even when online I keep jumping up and doing things in the kitchen, etc. So why am I not losing any weight?


A small spam of enlargable Cowboy Brians... just because I felt like it.

Brian Epstein on horseback Cowboy Eppy stalks Cowboy Johnny Brian Epstein on horseback Brian Epstein on horseback Cowboy Eppy Interrupted whilst stalking a ranch hand *snerk*

CLICK PIC TO SEE WHO WAS EPPY'S PHOTOGRAPHER!George Harrison photographs Brian Epstein

Brian Epstein at BRAVO Beatles Blitz Tournee in Münchener Circus Krone Bau in 1966
This Brian pic comes from the BRAVO Beatles Blitz Tournee
in Münchener Circus Krone Bau in 1966.


And here's the loving, wistful Brian
watching his Boys perform there ~
Brian Epstein at Circus Krone 1966


Isn't CHAD close to JEREMY?
I'd move to JEREMY immediately.

Chad Stuart and Jeremy Clyde
Oh. Nobody remembers them, huh.
I had a poster of Chad & Jeremy over
my dresser when I was 15-16 years old.


Chad & Jeremy were on quite a few other old TV shows that I recall. (There are some great links on that page I linked to!) Dick Van Dyke is the one I saw the most, but I SWEAR I saw them on I Love Lucy or The Lucy Show! That one's not listed on that fan page.
And now they're back together again, hi ho!

Peter & Gordon were (are?) back together also (temporarily?), at Beatlefest and other venues.
Article on P&G, including Macca talking about Peter&Gordon reunion
Billy Hinsche, Gordon Waller and Peter Asher


Vultures from Disneys 'Jungle Book'Chad Stuart was one of the buzzards (vultures?) in Disney's animated feature film, "Jungle Book."

Walt originally wanted The Beatles to play the vultures. Brian thought it was a brilliant idea, and, in the presence of the Disney rep, told John they were going to do it.

Lennon screamed, “There’s no way The Beatles are gonna sing for Mickey f*ing Mouse. You can tell Walt Disney to f* off. Tell him to get Elvis off his fat arse, he’s into making crap f*ing movies.”
(Sources: and many others)

John stormed out, leaving Brian to apologize to the rep.
Just another typical day in the Lennon/Epstein saga.


Bill Harry's Mersey Beat website features Recent photo of Neil Aspinall and Bill Harrythe story of Neil Aspinall.
Things you never knew about the man. A few surprises in store. I think you'll like it!

If I were you, dear reader, I would suffer through the boring parts to be enlightened by some rare factuals!

And... as always with Mr Harry... I do not appreciate his thinly-disguised antipathy towards our Brian. This time he edited Neil's words to make it sound like Eppy was the bad guy in Pete Best's sacking. That kind of dodging about words to change their meaning is not very nice, but I think I can understand, because Bill has always been jealous of Brian.

Just yesterday I read in Cynthia's book how miserable Brian felt about following through on John, Paul and George's desire to replace Pete. Brian liked Pete very much. But, publicly Eppy took the blame for it himself so the fans wouldn't hold it against his Boys.

Unfortunately, that's NOT how Mr Harry makes it sound.
But's a great article, anyroad.


Okay, finally, I didn't have time to actually get into this site, but it looks so... intriguing...
"The Mal Evans Memorial Band"


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