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Chapter One of Eppylover's "The Man Who's Making The Brian Epstein Movie"

Vivek Tiwary is the man making the movie, The Fifth Beatle.
Here's the original Rolling Stone article that broke the news.

Vivek Tiwary


Making vows for equality
Straight couples like Tracy and Vivek
are dedicating their weddings
to the fight for equal marriage rights

The Advocate, Sept 27, 2005 by Ann Rostow
When Vivek Tiwary and his wife, Tracy, exchanged vows on June 11 in Manhattan's TriBeCa neighborhood, they toasted guests with a plea on behalf of gay and lesbian couples.

"The fact that Tracy and I found each other and were able to nurture our relationship to the point of marriage truly is a blessing," Vivek told his friends and family. "But we feel that the ability to honor that relationship by getting married is a right."

Marriage equality had always been important to the couple, but the 2004 election--when 11 states passed constitutional amendments banning legal marriage for gay and lesbian couples--shocked Vivek.

The New Yorker is of Indian and Guyanese descent, and Tracy is half Irish and half Italian. The recent blows against gay and lesbian couples conjured an unpleasant reminder of the days when differing skin colors barred couples from marriage.

"I was like, 'Wow, I really need to get off my ass and do something like I've been saying I was going to.'

If the government can't tell you who you should love, how can they tell you who you should marry?" Tiwary asks. "I couldn't help but feel a little uncomfortable having such a wonderful experience with my wife and knowing that there were close friends of ours who were sharing that experience and who, at least in the near term, aren't allowed to have that experience themselves."

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