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Trying to clarify my earlier Paulhaters post — and other junk


Brian between John and Paul
Here's a clarification on that little post I made here ~ re ~ This question

Have you not noticed the preponderancy of LJ Paul-haters? Nobody hates John (or purports to do so) because he's dead. How fair is that? In just as many ways, John was just as much an asshole as Paul was/is. No more, no less.

Indeed, as anybody can be. My Brian was well-known in the biz for being just as much of an asshole (tut-tut, no jokes, now) as any of them could be - hell, sometimes more, you know, because the buck stopped with him. He sacrificed everybody else's best interests for his Boys. Just ask some of the people they left behind in Liverpool - for example, one still-living bloke who's been choking on those old sour grapes for over 40 years is Bill Harry.

Brian was obliged to play the arrogant bastard role in doing deals for, and in defending his Boys, and taking the blame for their behaviour many times. Sometimes (and I'm biting my tongue very, very hard here) he was an astoundingly arrogant cold snobbish bastard for no particular reason — his bipolar discorder could have had a hand in that, but I wouldn't use that entirely as an excuse.

I say these things about my Eppy just to show I'm not just picking on the Boys alone.

Brian and his Boys at Heathrow AirportThe truth is, for how they treated him at times, I as the Eppylover would have more reason to hate John and Paul than anyone else on earth would... with the possible exception of the Epstein family themselves.

Brian would not want me to feel that way, though; it would distress him greatly to have anyone hate any of his boys, especially on his account. And I must agree with him: his Boys were a much bigger explosive phenomenon than even he could have dared imagine at the beginning, and I do love how their output transformed the world. It was an incredible era to live through. Brian, by making his Boys' influence possible, was the primary essential factor in creating a new culture that will endure forever. His Boys are this centennial's Beethoven, Bach, Mozart and Chopin. So how could I be so stupid as to hate any of them? Without any one of those five people, it never would have happened. Conversely, without any of the other so-called "Fifth Beatles" you could name, the phenomenon would have happened anyway, regardless. And it was crucial that each of their personalities, whether it suits your fan fancy or not, had to be the exact personality it was. Or it would not have happened. Deal with it and lose that immature "hate," people. They were/are who they were/are.

Even Yoko applies here, no matter what opinion you or I may hold. I like to say:
I'm not anti-Yoko.
To some extent I'm Yoko-ambivalent,
but mostly I'm Yoko-indifferent.

Here's some more on approximately that same subject ~ regarding Paul vs John and their relative musical gifts and abilities, written last November. My "muse" had been triggered by a comment made by someone on - which, by the way, folks, can be an extremely fascinating newsgroup and I recommend checking it out periodically. Since many of the older Beatles people still post here - some who actually knew our Boys - I try to remember to peek in at least once a week.
- and here is that comment:

Q: "...history has judged that Lennon was probably the more inventive and talented songwriter of the band (Case for the prosecution: the entire Wings back catalogue)"

A: It's obviously true, then, that death is the best career move for a musician if you genuinely believe this...
Read my post ~Death Is The Best Career Move

---===--- Moving on to other stuff ---===---

Here I'm just "cross-posting" a comment I made on someone else's LJ — I guess, for some perverse reason, it seemed worth repeating. I am a strange bird. To me dead is dead, no matter what the method. The biggest cut was in 1967, and after that, unfortunately (or fortunately?) for me, people dying doesn't really "get to me" like most folks. I've copped a kind of George Carlin attitude about kakking out. I guess you can call me a polar opposite of our friend layla1188, who is always posting her unhappy feelings when bunches of people up and meet their end from this or that. Well, Carlin says that kind of stuff, to him, is entertainment.

Actually, logically thinking, he's got a point. What difference does it make? We're all going to croak anyhow. Life is just an obscene joke with death being the punchline. There's nothing in life you can't laugh at, and biting the big one is at the top of the list, mainly because, in whatever form it takes, it's unavoidable.

I may be wrong, but I think the only death that would heavily affect me personally (emotionally, that is) would be Stephy's. But she's convinced I'll crap out long before she will. She said I'd just better damn well wait until she's graduated and living away from the family, so she won't be forced to live with her dad, without me as a buffer! I can at least do her that favor, heh.

She expects me to go to Liverpool and off myself on Brian's grave. Sounds lovely. Wouldn't the Epstein family be impressed by that. Right, there is NO WAY I could humiliate them like that! Silly Stephy.

It's only The Truth, ya know. And The Truth Will Set You Free. Wahrheit macht frei.

Coffee time again. :)


Your factoid of the day:
I was doing just a mite bit of researching stock photo companies and came upon this Wiki entry on Corbis, the place where many Beatles & Brian images have been found:
Corbis is a digital imaging/stock photography company founded by Bill Gates in 1989. Its headquarters are located in Seattle, Washington. Among other company operations, Corbis archives over 11,000,000 photographs and other media in a facility deep within a former limestone mine in Butler, PA. The mine presents an ideal, highly secure and easily climate-controlled environment for the preservation of photographic media.
So that explains to me why their photos have so much protection on them that works so well! Bill Gates.

Go to Corbis and type "brian epstein" (with the quotes) into the Search box.


A 55-year-old squeeing fangirl is not a thing of beauty.
(This impression derives from Stephy's reaction to my reaction when I view of a new photo of Eppy)

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