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Someone asked — who is May Pang?

May Pang splash graphic
May Pang is a lovely, lovely lady, acquainted with and liked by many of John's friends, the pre-Yoko friends in particular, but many others also. The other former Beatles liked her very much. She wasn't pushy trying to "protect" John from them.

Please take a look at her mini-autobio.
Be sure to read the excellent Wikipedia bio page about May. A few surprises therein!

What really makes me giggle is that THIS PIC of May resembles me, or would look like me
— if I were Chinese! ;P

FAQ: How did John feel about Paul, George and Ringo?

MAY: Despite what was said in the press, and even by John himself at times, he loved them like brothers. Ringo was living with us in L.A., he and George ironed out some tension during George's Dark Horse Tour in 1974. At one point, he was going to get onstage and play with George to help his mate since the tour was not going so well. As fate would have it, it didn't happen. And with Paul and Linda, we were actually planning on joining them in New Orleans for the Venus And Mars sessions.
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Personally, I wish Yoko had "let it be" for just a week or two before trying to lure him back. John and May had plans to join Paul and Linda, and John was asking May's opinion as to whether he should go ahead and start writing songs again with Paul...
...I don't know how she knew, but Yoko picked that time to act... did she feel she may have lost John as her own exclusive property? IMHO, this fear was unfounded, and she shouldn't have worried.

May was a good friend and lover, but did not fill John's basic needs for a soulmate. With the lack of Brian as father/mother/?love?(probably not) figure, Yoko was perfect for John... but Yoko did not want him associating with his old friends again.

But May failed Yoko. May was encouraging John to be creative "in his own write," and... perish the thought... "get back" with Paul!
May Pang and Paul McCartney in 2004
Sir George Martin, Julian Lennon and May Pang

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