christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Eppylover Remembers: 1968 John & Paul's Tonight Show Appearance

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May 14, 1968 --

17-year-old Christine sits in front of the TV as usual watching the Tonight Show... but this time without Johnny Carson! She's pleasantly awestruck to see a surprise visit from Lennon and McCartney as they walk on, but soon starts feeling embarrassed as hell for the poor Boys, thinking it's a good thing this didn't happen during the Epstein years. What a godforsaken humiliating experience that was ...

1. An explanation of how the transcript was saved for posterity, and why John and Paul decided to appear on the Tonight Show ... expecting, of course, to talk with one of their fave people, Johnny Carson ... and instead being faced with the inept Joe Garagiola and featherbrained Tallulah Bankhead.

2. Entertaining excerpt from the book Johnny Tonight (1980, Pocket Books) by Craig Tennis, former Tonight Show staff member. Tells exactly what went down that night and why it was embarrassing!

Some of it reads:
"...But when they finally joined Joe, disaster struck. He started by asking one or two really silly questions and they went downhill from there.

He just sat there saying things like, "Gee, I hope my kids get to see this," and "Boy, am I going to be a popular guy in the neighborhood."

It was so inane that the Beatles became visibly uncomfortable, and Joe had to actually let them leave. The Beatles left believing that they had been sloughed off by this guy, and in a way, I guess they had been."

My attention was drawn to the last paragraph, which detailed an altercation with a "Beatles' man" who is described as being "six feet three inches tall...with muttonchop whiskers." I'm personally curious as to whether this was Alf Bicknell or Mal Evans..?

3. Quote from --
May 14, 1968: Apple initiates a major, world-wide promotional campaign. John and Paul travel to New York and appear on the NBC television network's enormously popular "Tonight Show with Johnny Carson" to announce the launching of their new business. Carson is on vacation and guest host Joe Garagiola proves to be a less than satisfactory replacement. John later says "It was the most embarrassing thing I've ever been on."

Here's a web page, Sooz's Beatles Collectors, that has some rare aim-camera-at-TV photos of that broadcast.

HERE's a very nice clear photo of the Lennon/McCartney Tonight Show appearance, from a recent POST on beatlepics.

Best of all, a large page full of Beatle interview transcriptions ~ including this one from the Tonight Show!


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